March 22, 2013

Desucon - When I thought I saw the goal line...

... I have to take a big step backwards.
Yeah, there is bad news.

I got a message at Aniki some hours ago from the carpool contact person.. seems their plans changed so I'm back to the point without a ride; without a way of getting to Desucon. Damn, that joy was short-lived..

Oh well, I'm determined to go to Desucon so I'm again looking for a carpool possibility at Aniki forums as well as here on my blog. If anyone traveling to Desucon from Kemi/Tornio/Oulu/somewhere-close-to-these sees this and wants to help a fellow congoer out please do get in touch with me! My email is to be found at the left side of the blog but you can also comment on this post.

Until then I'll sit here biting my nails and hope for the best...


  1. NOOOU! ;A;

    Hope you find a ride somehow!

  2. NOO You need to be there... so I hope you get a ride there somehow. I will cross my fingers that everything will turn for the better <3

  3. Blaaargh, I hope you find a carpool person soon enough!

  4. Aaw noooooooo! ;n; Well, since that first ride opportunity came along, I'm sure some others will come up too. Plus, you've still got some months until the con. ^^ Good luck!

  5. syvimmät anteeksipyyntöni (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧♪ :・゚*✧: ♪


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