March 11, 2013

Desucon - So close.. but so far away!

Earlier today I bought myself a ticket to Desucon in Finland, Lahti, which will be held 14-16 June. I really want to go there but it's very uncertain if I can yet.. but I decided after I heard that 40-50% of the tickets had already sold on the release day (which was yesterday, 10th March) that it's better to play it safe and buy a ticket so I have one in case it turns out I can go! After all it is much easier to sell a ticket if you can't go than try to find one after they're sold out..

So now I have a ticket just in case. Another problem with Desucon is that during the same weekend there's two more events in Lahti; seemingly some national rowing event and a poetry event. I'm not sure, Jäärä told me this and also told me she and some friends had already found and booked a sleeping place for the weekend. Obviously having these three events during the same time in the same city makes it hell to find hotels that aren't completely booked full already!! Luckily me and Ri-kun, after some searching, found a hotel not too far away which wasn't super expensive and had a few rooms left, so we jumped on the chance to book it before it was gone! One good thing was that it had a free-of-charge cancellation option too.

Okay, so now it seems I have most of the stuff fixed for a set trip to Desucon.. except one thing, which is the biggest problem of all - namely getting there. I really can't afford paying almost 200 € for the train tickets alone (and bus and airplane are just as expensive or even more so) and it sucks that there's no way for me to get that "student card" thingy which gives you great savings on a lot of things; I just can't get it because I study in Sweden and don't get study grant from Kela... which is a requirement for getting the card it seems. So, train/bus/plane is really not an option for me, unless very very very last resort, because Lahti is so far away from where I live and the travel costs are outrageous for someone with no current income except study grant. With that said I'm urgently searching for other cheaper options right now; a con carpool would be a life safer. I'm looking around to see if there's anyone who will pass by or start driving from northern Finland -around the Kemi/Tornio/Oulu area- who will be driving down to Desucon and has available place in the car for one person more! Of course I would pay part of the gasoline costs. :) If anyone planning a Desucon carpool from the north reads this and got interested please take contact with me through email (my email can be found to the left on the blog!) or comment on this post or, for you Finnish peeps who would rather read this carpool message in Finnish instead, you can check the thread I made at Aniki forums and contact me there by private message.

I really hope there's some kind soul somewhere out there who can help a fellow cosplayer and congoer out! :) Thank you in advance and here's a cat for you:

Oh, and Desucon cosplay plans will be revealed later, especially if I can solve this how-to-get-there-without-having-to-pay-an-arm-and-leg problem.

Until then, sayonara!~


Chikatsuno said...

Asdas, would be happily helping since I live in that area but I'm currently planning to go there by train, if the costs are not outrageous with the student card :/ Haven't really sorted that out yet.

...Hotels are that full ALREADY?! OH FFFUUU----

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thank you and if I'm not mistaken if you have the student card you get by with half the price.. so it would cost around 100 € for you then by train.

Yes, they are! D:

Chikatsuno said...

Using VR's site it seems that aroud 80-100€, yes. It is a rather big sum for a student, so I will probably consider some group transport too, but I dunno anyone who would be going to the con with a car T_T (I don't own a car D:)

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yeah, it sure is. D: I'm a student too so yeah..
Hmm, you don't happen to have any con friends in the area who can drive and are going to Desucon? If we could gather a group of 4-5 persons and drive down it would be quite a lot cheaper than going by train.

Chikatsuno said...

Nope. No one I know is going to desu, or haven't decided yet :/ It seems that the only option for me will be the train . _ .

Psycho Cat said...

i hope you can go there and get a way to get there. =)
så jag heja på dig att du löser detta ^_____^

Arawn Elidd said...

Smart move purchasing your ticket and booking a hotel room in advance. I hope you can find an affordable way to get to DesuCon! Totally agreed that carpool would be your best bet~

Mira くん said...

Pretty wise move to buy the ticket so fast :D And book the hotel room too. I heard Desucon got sold out in just three days. Pretty crazy, considering that it's two and a half months away. I hope you'll find a way to get there that doesn't cost 200 euros xD So good luck!

Also, if it looks like you'll get there safely, can't wait to see your cosplay plans! :) Itse meen sinne taas meidoksi kuten Frostissa ^^