March 31, 2013

Masamune armor patterns + Craft foam heat forming test!

Back on last Friday I started drawing the patterns for Masamune's leg armor and arm guards. Basically I just looked at some references, took measurements and improvised.

Just one of my many Masamune references
After I had made a pattern I tried it around my leg/arm to check if it fit like I wanted and so on. Here's some pattern photos:

Started drawing the first pattern (leg armor)
To make sure that my patterns were symmetrical I drew one side, cut out half of it, folded it over and traced it to make the other half identical.
Leg armor pattern (front curves at top, back doesn't, hence the lines) with knee cap
Top arm guard pattern
I had to redo the lower arm guard pattern a few times because I noticed that the arm guards won't lay like straight on "top" and "bottom" of your arm.. they'd be angled a bit diagonally or eh, so that the spike of the top arm guard is turned more towards your elbow. If that makes sense.

Original pattern wasn't wide enough at top so I widened it..
Then I noticed it was maybe a bit too wide so I made secondary unfilled lines just in case...
.. but I ended up cutting them off and modifying the pattern a third time.
The final pattern is the one with the red marker on top of it.
Okay, enough of patterns. Yesterday I went to town to buy some craft foam for the project and the more I thought about it the more I felt like I wanted to make the arm guards out of craft foam instead of the polystyrene sheet.

Craft foam sheets!
(well, they are pretty bright colored but you can paint over them so it doesn't matter..)
Today I then traced the top arm guard pattern on a sheet of craft foam and cut it out.

After tracing
I didn't cut out more than one piece because I wasn't sure how to go about forming it.. or well, more like I've never done it before. I knew it was possible to form craft foam into different shapes with a heat source, like a stove burner or heat gun for example. The stove burner option wouldn't work at my home and I wasn't sure a hairdryer would do the trick so I asked stepdad if he happened to have a heat gun... and he did! Wohooo!

I took a few earlier scrap pieces of craft foam and went outside to try heat forming the foam into a new shape.

Heat gun, gloves for protection and a few scrap pieces
There was a metal rod protruding from that working table I used.. so I decided to use it as a form to test shaping the craft foam on. I just put on the gloves, rolled the craft foam piece around the rod and kept it in place with my hand while I applied heat. When it seemed like the craft foam started to get soft/floppy I turned off the heat gun and kept the foam in its new shape until it cooled down.. and this was the result:

It works! :DD
A few more tries later I had this:

The one to the right is the first try, second in middle and last try to the left
(those cuts were there before, they are not cracks that happened during the heating)
I must say while I formed the last one my hand slipped from keeping it in place on the rod and so it got a slight mark from my hand because it hadn't cooled down enough to regain it's normal.. consistency. I need to be a bit more careful with the actual arm guards then so that their surface stays nice and even. Oh and yeah, I plan to make it tomorrow!

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Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

This seems to work very well! It's impressive ~ Good luck with the rest of the armour ^_^