March 29, 2013

Masamune try-on, this is what I have so far!

Today I decided to put on everything I have ready, so far, of my Masamune cosplay.. just to see how it all fit together. All armor and weapons and some smaller details are missing.. like tabi socks. I haven't tried all the at-this-moment-ready parts on before so this was the first try! I'm surprised at how flattering this thing looks on me.. I was pretty sure I'd look horrid but glad to see I was proved wrong!

Here's some photos! Oh, and yeah, used a mirror for help so they're all mirrored.
Also I didn't find the eyepatch so excuse me Masamune regained his sight for a while lol.

Today I also started making the patterns for Masamune's leg armor and arm guards. But I noticed I don't have enough craft foam at home.. which I will need to make prototypes to check that the patterns are okay and maybe also use it for the actual armor. I will go to town tomorrow and buy some. More about the armormaking then! See you all!


  1. Hoa-! Näyttää mahtavalta! Kohta sinulla on koko asu koossa! Pitäisi varmaan kirjoittaa jotain fiksuakin tähän mutta en osaa sanoa muuta kun "mahtava". : D

  2. tajuttoman upee jo tässä vaiheessa ! en malta oottaa ku saat koko asun valmiiks !

  3. Valitsen sinut!

    Ja BTW Masamune cosplaysi näyttää mahtavalta, toi selkä kuviokin on niin ihanana tarkasti tehty *3*

  4. I must say it feels very weird to see you wear something else than a kimono ~ But this looks epic, well done and good luck for the armor! ^_^


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