August 13, 2012

When Saitou decided he needed pants too...

 Hello to everyone!

So today after a lot of "but I waaaaant to have a cosplay photoshoot today" whining to my twin he finally agreed to be my photographer, but he didn't cosplay because his next cosplay isn't quite finished yet. So I tried on my casual/plain clothes version Saitou cosplay to see that everything worked together before the coming debut at Oulun Animeseminaari and of course to, well, have a photoshoot. Duuh.

Less talk, more photos!
hakama!Saitou preview galore!

Model: Valkoinen Samurai (Hajime Saitou)
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

And well, let's say it wasn't all pleasure taking photos... we were butchered by a swarm of mosquitos. Almost. So here's a few mosquito related derp shots ~

SMACK a mosquito.. without giving a flying fuck.
Lawdy lawd my foot is itching ~ *scratch scratch*
And lastly two (more) bonus pictures because I know everyone loves random derptacular crap, heuheuheuheuhe. In the middle of the shooting I noticed there was something in my kimono sleeve and I had no memory of it at all... so I decided "fuck the shoot, I must know NOW what it is".

FFFF what the fuck is inside my sleeve??
What is this I don't even....
That's it, I'm outta here!


Angie Cross said...

Lolololo I like the two last pic's! Derpness is on~ Great photos otherwise 8) And *hits away your hand so you fall over* and dont scratch yourself! >:

Sairu Chan said...

This coolness and derpness~ I like these pics!! 8''DDDD

Sugar Peaches said...

haha lovely pics and derps are always fun!

penquinnchan said...

Cool pic's, I like them. It seems that you two had fun 8-DD

yamachu said...

SAITOU-KUUUN~ kakkoiii >8D Hahahah, a photoshoot is not a photoshoot without some mosquitoes and derp faces XD

Mira ミラ said...

Awesome photoshoot~! Those pictures are actually pretty good and I just love the Saitou-like expressions. And the derp faces... xDD Them mosquitos just trolling around >8D