August 30, 2012

Fabric for Saitou's sleeveless shirt

Went to Eurokangas (fabric store) after school. I'm happy they moved their store to Rajalla/På Gränsen shopping center instead of being next to Prisma (a food store) a few kilometers away. This means that because Eurokangas is now at the shopping center I will have a chance to visit it pretty much every day when I finish school and take the bus home because, well, I walk through the shopping center because it's shorter (and more fun) to just go through it than go around it and I always buy some sweets to eat while I do so, but that's another story... Yeahh, I bought fabric for Bakumatsu Renka Saitou's sleeveless shirt-or-whatever-it-is.

Wonderful, fabrics seemingly never photograph their real color.. OTL
It has more dark purple tones to it, not just gray like the photo shows.
 The fabric is a tad darker than the reference, but, it was the only grey-purple fabric they had (kinda hard color to find..) and besides I kinda like the color and have a feeling that it will look better with the kimono I'm going to use because, well, my kimono isn't reference color accurate either so I just bought what I thought would look better together with it. Me? Not being color accurate? Dafuq just happened?
My other fabric choices would have been 100% purple but.. eh... I rather buy this one.

It seems that I'll possibly start my Tracon journey already on Thursday next week. SEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW.


Psycho Cat said...

Yay for fabric =D I do look good on the photo och probely will fit as you say better to the Kimono you will use. Also i hope your plan will work sound fun you will go to Tracon =)

Mira くん said...

Buying fabric has never been this easy... It's sewing time! >8D

Ja kyllä, Tracon on jo niin lähellä... Mutta ei huolta, koska kyllä ne cossit valmistuu ajoissa, vaikka pistämällä cossit ompelemaan itse itsensä jos ei muuten. xDD (Jokaisen cossaajan unelma. ;^;)

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yeah, I think so too. :) I can't wait for Tracon!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Hahahah, totally. >8D

Tooooosi lähellä Tracon on jo, apua!
Toi on kyl totta!! xD