August 21, 2012

Birches and streams - hakama!Saitou photoshoot [v.2.0]


Yah, I promised a second hakama!Saitou photoshoot and here it now is.
These were taken on Sunday 19th August when me and my twin were walking to Oulu's anime seminar event on the morning, a few photos were taken when we were walking back to our aunt's home after the event. All photos are taken at the same 'park' in question; Oulu city had these lovely small walk-through parks in the middle of the city with nice trees, bushes, bridges, nice water fountains, small streams of water, park benches etc. It was lovely and provided a great location for photoshoots! Sadly Jäätynyt Enkeli wasn't really in the mood of taking photos...

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

And lastly a photo taken on the way back while I was standing on the white bridge. The same bridge can be seen in the background of the earlier photos. I was looking at the flowing stream, very calming.

This is what it looked like (it was prettier IRL though)
If I visit Oulu another time -and have cosplays with me- I want to go shoot in the parks again ~

Bye bye!


Angie Cross said...

Oooh again very lovely photos!..And yes indeed photoshoots in parks mmmmmhmmm are the best! <3 I have only been to one for nao...but I am glad I live in a city with many diffrent kind of parks you can say.. and wood area! ;)

Izz said...

wow! really nice pics! And the costume too!!!! =) hope you had some serious fun at the convention! =)