August 8, 2017

Hotaru's tengu geta update!


I have been silent about my finished Hotaru cosplay for a while now, sorry about that. I do plan on debuting him eventually and the truth is that I was actually considering to wear him for Närcon earlier, but I changed my mind at the last second. ^^"

You might remember that I made a pair of tengu geta for him earlier and back then I didn't try to walk or balance in them, hence why I wasn't sure how they'd handle that part. So yeah, some time after I had taken home the finished shoes I did some experimenting in my apartment (with a really slippery floor I might add, hence no actual walking, just standing/balancing) and came to some conclusions.
Originally I was thinking that I might need to resize the hanao (aka the thongs) because of them maybe being too long, but after some testing and measuring it turned out that the problem is not the length but how loosely I had tied them in place! I compared my self-made hanao with those found on some of my imported Japanese geta and the length is the same, approximately 30 cm long. 

Tengu geta before any modifications.
Same as above, but from a different angle.
Standing with the tengu geta in their original setup was wonky at best; it basically felt like the hanao didn't support –nor hold on to– my feet enough and it was impossible to lift my feet without fearing that it would just slip out of the geta. So yeah, I really didn't need to do much testing before it was clear that something needed to be done or I'd be faceplanting all over the place while wearing this costume... :D

I undid all the knots keeping the hanao in place, at the back of the shoes, and then just pulled everything as tight as I possibly could and retied it all. At first I was thinking that "this shit is gonna be so tight that I can't even get my feet in!" but after some wiggling it works and it actually feels sooooooo much safer – how safe walking on tengu geta now can feel, that is. :)) It's not the most comfortable but at least it doesn't feel like my feet will slide out as soon as I lift them from the ground!

Also, I want to mention –in case it wasn't obvious from the photos– that these Killer Platforms from Hell™ are not made in an authentic way, just for cosplay purposes. Same thing goes for how I've tied everything in place, it's all just a lot of spontaneous knots here and there that seems to do their job.

Hanao to the left tightened, to the right unmodified.
Same as above but from a different angle. Notice the arch!
Another thing that I noticed was that those plastic pieces that I cut out and glued to the bottom, in hopes of protecting the 'teeth' of the geta from wear, and to make them less slippery to wear for example indoors, was that they actually fucked up the balance! The little plastic protections made it really hard to balance on these shoes (possibly partly because of the uneven, bumpy texture) and it was a suicide attempt to even try to take a step because the plastic would "flop at the edges" by any kind of surface contact/movement – it just felt incredibly risky, aka gave exactly the opposite effect of what I wanted.
Good thing I had only fastened them with hot glue and so it was easy to just rip them off, which I did.

Geta to the left modified (incl. removed plastic sole), to the
right still in original condition.
Once I had fixed up both shoes I tried standing on them again, of course holding onto the nearby table because my apartment's floor is like a fucking ice-skating rink, lol. The difference the tightened hanao and the removal of the plastic sole did is HUGE!! Like seriously, I feel like I could actually even learn to walk in these. :'D Maybe.
I'll still probably reserve these monster shoes for photos/photoshoots only because I don't want to wear them out by normal con walking and without the plastic the 'teeth' will take damage really fast, especially if I walk on any ordinary outdoors road (aka where there will be small stones etc).

Pssst! As you might notice, all of the actual in progress photos are taken with flash. This is simply because I was modifying these fuckers in the middle of the night that's when we all get the cosplay motivation, isn't it and thus the natural light was way too crappy to do me any good and I had to resort to using flash.

Improved tengu geta!
Now I just need to do a cosplay test for Hotaru because, truthfully – I have not even tried on all the parts of this costume together. :'D I don't know yet when that will happen but I promise that it will happen. I really love Samurai Deeper Kyo and Hotaru is just one of the many characters that I want to cosplay from this awesome shounen manga. SDK is love!

Thanks for reading!
~ Shiro Samurai out.

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