August 26, 2017

My social media accounts!

Hello people of the world!

I should have made this post earlier but I figured better late than never, huh?
Some of you have probably already noticed by now that I've added multiple social media icons to my cosplay blog for easy access. You can find them (at the time of writing this post) on the right side of my blog. ^-^ I will probably change the looks and placement of them with time and perhaps add some icons if more pop up but this is what it looks like right now:

You see, I've gone ahead and made accounts on several popular social media platforms lately, now that I finally have a smartphone in use. :D I've been feeling left out from all the hip and happenings for quite a long time now so yeah, it's time to catch up! o/ I'll admit that social media makes me feel anxious at times but I still enjoy it a lot too.

The links, in order from top to bottom:


Now, not all of these sites are purely 100% dedicated for cosplay. ^^" I'll give you guys the rundown of what, on approximate, each of my social media handles will feature the most. Because my life is more than just cosplay, after all.


Facebook: The link is to my official FB cosplay page (not my personal account!) which I've had since late 2014. It's of course mainly for cosplay and, even more so, for linking and advertising my blog – because my blog will always be the number one place where I'll gather and focus my cosplay stuff. So yeah, my cosplay page is mainly for linking my blog posts to a wider audience (not gonna lie) and the reason is that I really dislike how Facebook works for pages, for a number of reasons. I honestly hate how Facebook severely limits your reach (unless you pay real money, hell to the no) and how it fucks up photo quality, to name a few. I've actually several times considered deleting my Facebook page because I just despise how FB screws you over and it also makes me really anxious because it's such a popularity contest with the cospages nowadays. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, to be honest.

Instagram: I made an Instagram during mid 2017, it's a recent addition that came to existence during the time I got my new smartphone. My Instagram is new and thus there's not a whole lot of content yet but the plan is that it's gonna feature cosplay photos and my alternative fashion outfits (incl. kimono) for the most part. ^_^ There will be occasional videos, artsy photography and a lot of photos of pets too so yeah, it's really not a 100% cosplay account – although Instagram is the place where I'll post con selfies and spontaneous cosplay pics etc! So yeah, to sum it up it's a high dose of exclusive cosplay/con selfies, artsy photos, j-fashion and a lot of cute cats and dogs. I will also strive to keep the better quality content for IG and yes, Instagram is my favorite social media site right now!

Twitter: Created during mid 2017 as well. Not as much cosplay as it's for general shitposting and funny junk. This is where I post whatever small stuff that happens during my everyday life, lots of game screenshots and video game stuff in general, including Pokémon Go, which has taken over my life right now. xD I also post about new blog updates! Twitter probably won't be getting a lot of the nicer and more serious content that I put out but it does get auto-updates from my Instagram, for example. My Twitter account is basically my random lifestyle dumpster where anything small, weird and funny goes – it's a really mixed bag of B-quality shit, including the giggles.

Tumblr: Oh lord. I actually made a Tumblr account somewhere around late 2014 (or at least that's where I calculated my first follower from, could be even older) but because of my shitty computer it wouldn't work for me. I remember getting messages from Tumblr saying that my account would be deleted because of inactivity but now, all those years later, I found that my old account was still alive?! So yeah, here I am now. xD I must admit that I don't really like, nor understand, how Tumblr works so don't expect any exclusive content there (at least not yet). For the moment it's only getting auto-updates from my Instagram, although it might evolve into a thing of its own in the future. Who knows.

WorldCosplay: Not necessarily social media in the same sense as the others but oh well? It's a big cosplay site and the successor of the Japanese Cure site that got shut down years ago. I post some selected few cosplay photos there but I'm not very active, although I do generally like the site and want to use it more as soon as I get more (and better) cosplay photos. ^^ I don't remember how long I've been a member on this site (and can't seem to find said information anywhere) but I remember how I made an account when the site first launched, eventually deleted it for a reason I can't remember and then remade my current account some time later, at least around 2014.

DeviantArt: Not really a pure-blooded social media site either but I decided to add it anyway. I feel really old saying this but I've been a member on DA since mid 2009. I haven't posted anything new there for years (we're talking 2014) but I used to post mainly art and cosplay photos. DeviantArt only got the same cosplay photos that went up on my blog anyway and thus, over the years, I felt like it was a bother to upload the same images (with different watermarks) to two separate sites. As I said before, most of my cosplay stuff goes into this here blog since I like to keep the majority of my content in the same place. I do visit DeviantArt almost daily but I don't really plan to upload cosplay photos there anymore, although I might get back to uploading my art... once I get out of this ridiculous art block that I've had years on end, that is.


I guess that's all that I had to say. Thanks for reading and feel free to follow me on whatever platforms you fancy! ^_^ My blog will always be my headquarters for cosplay thou, no fear! ;) I'm a blogger by heart, hehe.

~ Shiro Samurai

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