December 1, 2014

Three years of cosplay blogging!

Hello hello!

Oh my. Guess what? :'DD
It sure feels a bit unreal to realize that for exactly 3 years ago I created this blog.
Yep, it's my cosplay blog's birthday today on the 1st December! >w< *throws confetti around* I feel a bit bad for always completely forgetting about the blog birthday on all the earlier years, oops.. OTL No idea how I managed to do that, ahahaha...

I've learned a lot since I started writing in here, both how to write in a more entertaining/interesting way (I hope? xD) as well as having my cosplay skills evolve in all possible ways! :D
I also want to thank everyone who is following my cosplay ramblings it means a lot, it really does. <3 I hope you'll stay around for a long time to come and remember, if you ever feel a need to ask me something, give suggestions or what-do-I-know then you can send me an email! My email is to be found to the left of the blog layout. :) I don't bite so don't worry!

I really don't know what to say ahaha, I'm just so happy about it all! 
Happy birthday blog!~
I hope I'll keep writing this blog for several years to come and keep on cosplaying too! It's such a fun hobby and I certainly don't want nor plan to stop anytime soon! Sure that it eats all my cash but screw that, yolo!

Oh oh! One thing more before I go!
I'll let you in on what's in stock for a near future! ;) When this blog reaches 200 followers I'll hold a second give-away for all my readers where you'll have a chance to win free stuff! \(^°^)/ It's not far away guys, we can do it! >8D

Jepulisjep, that'll be all for this time and let's enjoy the winter and approaching Christmas! 
Shiro Samurai sends the bye-byes ~~


  1. Three years? *brain is processing and processing*
    Yippeeeeee!!! Rainbows! :'D Sure I've been following you ever since you started this blog but I seriously didn't see time pass. You don't notice it when you're having fun. <3
    I also hope your blog will keep existing for many years, it's a lot of fun to read and the pictures are a delight. <3
    Happy birthday blog! ^-^

  2. Oh congrats on the three years mark for the blog =D I will follow your blog till the end and beyond. =D *confetti time*
    I love reading your blog alos i hope you get to the 200 mark soon =D


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