December 11, 2014

Facebook Cosplay Page!

Hiya hello!

This is a few days late but I wanted to inform everyone although some probably know already that I've finally joined the bandwagon and made a cosplay page on Facebook! ^_^

|★| |★|

Honestly though, for the longest time my thoughts were along the lines of "I'm not going to make a cosplay page on Facebook, noep. :C" but then something happened and here I am joining the flow, oops. xD
Oh, but of course me having made a Facebook page doesn't mean that my blog will become inactive, not at all! It's just that now I can be found in even more places! ;)

I hope you like me over there too to get updates through Facebook on my cosplay adventures, frustrations and successes! <3

See ya around! Bye!

1 comment:

  1. I really dont dare to do a cosplay page on facebook, for many reason.It is nice to stalk you almost everywhere on the internet XD


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