December 4, 2014

Game characters I want to cosplay someday!

Hello hello cuties and coolies! \(^w^)/

Today I'm gonna do a post about some characters that my cos-making fingers have been itching to cosplay for a while now yep, this entry will be solely dedicated to some video game dudes I've taken fancy on! :D Of course this doesn't guarantee that I will with 100% certainty do all of these characters (after all, interest can drop with time, as sad as it is) but it means that most of them I'm likely to make sooner of later and, well, honestly most of these have been on my cosplay list already for years without falling out.
So yep yep, follow with me through this post and see what cosplays might be seen on me in the future! ;) Oh and lastly, I admit that I get an extra motivation boost to go through and complete a cosplay when others are excited about the same characters/series or await the finished result etc! So hey hey yey, let's make the comment box sing and who knows, I might end up doing some of these earlier than expected! ~

So, what are we waiting for?
Nothing, let's roll out the list! :'D

Characters are in no particular order.


Game: Dynasty Warriors 5
Character: Zhou Yu

Ah, the Dynasty Warriors game series Koei's popular hack-'n-slash franchise that has spread like wildfire and has as many sequels and spin-offs as I have hairs on my head. :D I must say that my first voyage into roaming the old battlefields as a Chinese war general was in Dynasty Warriors 3 and boy, was it fun!
Zhou Yu was one of the very first characters I played if not the first and he stayed as my favorite; I'm especially fond of his design on the fifth getup of the series and that's the one I'm the most likely to cosplay currently. I haven't played any Dynasty Warriors games more recent than the fifth, except for StrikeForce, and that's because I don't own the newer consoles.

Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Character: Prince Komali

Lately I've been playing and watching Hasakitsuki play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and when we reached Dragon Roost Island on the second playthrough (I haven't seen most of the game, just the beginning and end so far I know, shame on me) I instantly took liking for Prince Komali. Sure that most people would think that his child version is plain annoying but I liked him instantly and he has a wonderful character growth too. Also I can't help really liking his design and the Rito tribe aka bird tribe are the coolest peeps in the whole game, hands down! It doesn't help that I like birds a lot in general as well as characters who are human-looking with animal traits. Now to figure out how to make the beak-nose... nose-beak...

Game: Tales of Symphonia
Character: Yuan Ka-Fai

Tales of Symphonia has its place as one of my top favorite RPG's and I don't think that will ever change, at least not anytime soon. I loved playing through this game and its wonderful story back in the days and I still treasure the fond memories and would gladly replay it any day. In Tales of Symphonia there were many cool and likable characters and Yuan is definitely one of them! He stayed kinda mysterious and unpredictable for most of the game and you couldn't really put your finger on if he was truly a good or a bad guy. His design really appeals to me too and goddammit do I want to make that huge weapon, how could I not? I mean, just look at that piece of awesomeness! Too bad he's not playable...

Game: Tales of Symphonia
Character: Kratos Aurion (samurai outfit)

Yep, the picture above is from the game (and yes, he loves hair face censors) - I just couldn't find an official full-body non-game picture of him so I gave up. Yes, it's quite the hipster version.
Have another Tales of Symphonia guy! This time it's Kratos Aurion, the mysterious mercenary who has quite some secrets about himself stashed under his cold demeanor. I'll admit that Kratos was easily my favorite character of the playable ones and he kept that spot from beginning to end. But even though all of Kratos Aurion's outfits are among the ranks of either cool or cooler I settled on his Japan-only PS2 exclusive (someone correct me if I'm wrong) samurai outfit! Why? Well, besides the obvious clue that it's samurai style and thus much to my liking it's also because Jäätynyt Enkeli is a huge Kratos fanboy and wants to do said mercenary's other better known outfits and well, I'll never have the patience to make all those straps on his Judgment outfit anyway lol...

Game: Luminous Arc
Character: Kai

Okay, I admit I haven't even played the game myself. *walks into shamecorner* Nevertheless, Jäätynyt Enkeli owns the game and has told me one thing and another about the story and what there is to know about Kai, except that we share the same name. :'D I know enough that he is a very silent guy who is protective of those he has a bond with in some way. Also he rarely gets angry and if he does it's because someone is beating his dearies to a pulp then all hell will be lose and everyone dies. No, not really, but you get the point lololo. Oh and of course his design appeals to me on so many levels that it doesn't even need to be mentioned.

Game: Ōkami
Character: Moegami (gijinka)

Ah, Ōkami, one of my most favorite games ever. <3 There are so many cool and interesting characters in this game that I could probably do a whole post just for it, but I'll refrain from doing that now. xD One of my favorites in terms of design is Moegami, the Celestial Brush god of Inferno. He's a phoenix and man does he get my fingers tingling to design and make a gijinka/humanoid version of him!

Game: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Character: Auroros Ten armor set (High Rank Blademaster)

Oh god I'm totally sold for the Monster Hunter game series. Freedom Unite was my first touch into the drug that is hunting majestic monsters every day, every night. I've played over 1000 hours on Freedom Unite and I managed that even faster than on any other game and guess what? I'm far from sick of it; that should tell you how much I'm addicted to this series. 
There's several armor sets I'd love to tackle someday when my wallet stops being anorexic and huge armors turn into a possibility and the Auroros Ten is surely one of them! It's an armor set for High Rank male hunters in Freedom Unite who play Blademaster; Auroros Ten is made out of materials from the gigantic Elder Dragon known as Azure Lao-Shan Lung. It's very hard to make in the game but so worth it because the armor skills it provides are among the best there is!

Game: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Character: Reyson

I'll admit that I haven't played many games in the Fire Emblem series but Path of Radiance is a great game! A bit hard though but some of the characters are really enjoyable so it more than makes up for it! Reyson the third Heron prince is one of my absolute favorites from the game and he has been on my cosplay list for quite a while now. His design is just so gorgeous how could I resist the cosplay urges?


I think I'll end this list now before it turns into a multi-kilometer post. :'D I do have more video game characters that I'm seriously considering, so keep an eye out for a second part of very possible future cosplay revelations!

That's it for this time! Moikka!


  1. I love your list bro! <3

    I especially look forward to see Yuan, Kai and the Monster Hunter cosplay :DD

  2. Aaa all the nostalgy just flows into my mind when I think of The legend of Zelda games;_; Love the windwaker and twilight princess! Love the design and you should cosplay him, maybe I'll join you ;)

    1. I definitely want to do Komali! Uuu, come to to the dark side ~ xD No but really, having a cosplay group would be awesome! Hasakitsuki plans to do Medli with me and it would be great to get more characters! Link would be awesome to have!


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