October 24, 2014

I'm now on World Cosplay and Ask.fm ~

<~*-*~ Hello hello! ~*-*~>

Just giving a heads up and doing some shameless advertising that I've very recently created a profile over at World Cosplay, please go check it out and follow me if you like my cosplays! <3 I would be very happy if you did!

I know that my page at World Cosplay is currently a bit.. empty. But no worries! I'll fill it up with cosplay photos soon and fix a profile cover as well. Just hold on with the lack of fabulousness for now, I assure you it will look more appealing later!

Actually, I used to have a World Cosplay account back when the site was originally created (I was one of the first to join hahah) but I kinda didn't like how the site worked so I deleted my account. Also, most of my friends weren't there so that contributed to feeling lonely there too. But now I've noticed that a lot of people are there and World Cosplay is turning into this huge international cosplay site, so I decided to rejoin!

I also wanted to mention that I've joined the Ask.fm bandwagon as well! So all you lovely peeps can now ask me anything you like (nothing rude or in bad taste though, thanks!) over there and I'll try to answer!
You can find me here: http://ask.fm/ShiroSamurai >w<

That's all for this time! Ciao!


Sipsinekku said...

Whoop, voin stalkkailla sua worldcosplayssa! (Meinasin eka kirjottsa wc.. Totesin et en ehk sittenkää :'D )

Shiro Samurai said...

Joo.. ei ehkä ihan, höhö. :'DD

Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

Cute ^^ Meowth!!

恵美より ♥

Angie Cross said...

Följer dig på WC med :3

Psycho Cat said...

Oh that is great that you are at World Cosplay. I place I will probably never put my foot in there. I am too much of a coward to do that XD
But I do follow you on you ask, if I can come up with a question too you I will give you one =D