August 14, 2014

Next up is Nerdcon 2014!


So barely many days have passed since Oulun Animeseminaari ended and I'm already preparing to head out for my next event! Yeah, this year's August is filled with anime events for me! :'D
But hey, this time I'm off to Umeå in Sweden and I will visit Nerdcon for the first time! Yeah, it's Nerdcon, not Närcon. It's a small one-day con held on 16th August and this time I will try something different I will work there! ohmaiglerb
I've actually for a while now wanted to try volunteer working at an anime convention to see what the other side of the coin is like and now I got the perfect opportunity! Nerdcon was seeking workers and I took contact through email; everything went smooth and I got the work! So happy!
I must admit though that I'm a wee bit nervous because I don't have much previous working experience but I'm confident that this will go well! BELIEVE IT!
At least I shouldn't be too lost because I don't have to work a whole weekend with different tasks or something haha.

I should be able to avoid this scenario.. :'DD
I'm very excited and curious about this new convention, as well as working at a con for the first time! Oh, and of course because I got to be a worker I get free entrance to the con, w00p w00p! 8D
So yeah, I will work at the cafeteria together with Hasakitsuki from 13:00 to 16:00, so anyone attending come pay me a visit and buy stuff during this time! ;)

Because we are working we'd rather wear something that is easy to move around in and that would sort of fit with being a cafeteria seller and that's when we got a great idea brewing in our brains! On my part said great idea was to dress up as a butler style Original Character named William Crimshade. So yeah, I'll be a random pretty boy butler at work! :'D

I don't have so much more to say except that I'm very eager to see what Nerdcon is like! Bye!

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Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

I'm curious to see your butler design, bro! :D