August 1, 2014

Oulun Animeseminaari 2014 cosplay plans – Dog & horse!

Hi there!

Oulun Animeseminaari (Oulu's anime seminar) is the next anime event I will be attending! It's held in Kaupunginkirjasto (lit. "city's library") on 8-9 Augusti this year; it's a different building than previous years and seemingly some of the reasons why they changed location is because Valve's building space/size is getting too small for the event and because the rent prices are constantly rising.
I've also read at Animeseminaari's site that because the event is held at a library that there will be quite different rules and that's for the worse.
I don't know for sure but it seems that all kinds of weapon-like props are banned no matter what in the library's common space. This sucks because it rules out probably 80% of my current cosplays. :C Sure you can take weapon props with you but you will have to leave them in the checkroom and well, what's the point then?
Also the cosplay competition is cancelled because the stage is not suitable and I also read something that the library workers word is law in the building and thus merchandise sellers and artists can't sell their stuff inside; in other words con merchandise might be at the mercy of the weather because the only place selling tables will be allowed is outside, seemingly. This is not set yet but it's one of the options I've read at Aniki. The other source I've used for gathering this information is Animeseminaari's site. Don't take my word for 100% truth though, I don't know if things will change..

I'm having my hopes going down and feelings turning rather insipid regarding Animeseminaari. The rules seem a bit too strict and damaging for the event, but I'll hold my judgement until I go there. I'm not expecting much right now though (then again, Animeseminaari I never had high expectations for), just a hang-with-friends con. That's the reason I'm going and to spend time at awesome gamer aunt's place. <3

Because of the weapon prop ban and the harsh rules/limits I'm not sure I can even be bothered to put on a proper cosplay for both days. It's a small event and most people just go there to meet friends anyway. I'll just go there to chill and derp, mostly, but I heard from my aunt that there is seemingly some good photoshoot possibilities so I will take with me at least one cosplay that needs more camera love. And well, for Saturday I need something... DERPIER.


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Ryunosuke Ibuki

I've only worn Ibuki once before so he deserves a second round out! Besides I barely have photos of this cosplay and I should really use my orange contacts while I can still use them (aka they haven't expired yet). I just need to craft that purple amulet thing he has hanging from the blue string around his waist. Oh, and I won't be carrying around the sword because Ibuki doesn't have it very often in the anime he hates samurai and well, because of the ban.


Type: Non-cosplay outfit [shits 'n giggles edition]

This is going to be a non-cosplay outfit, inspired by randomness and a bit of fabulousness.
Oh, and I'll post a preview later, huehuehue ~

Shiro Samurai out!
 Psst, my blog finally got a new look! :'D Feedback appreciated!


  1. Ibuki plz! Q 3 Q I can't wait for the photoshoot! X3

    HOERRRRSSS! 8DD Otan titaanini mukaan! >8DDD


  3. I love your new banner!! :'D
    Oh and I'm really looking forward to the horse-ing around in Animeseminaari. ;) Let's make this better than expected! 8D


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