July 22, 2014

[IMPORTANT] Cosplay name change!

Hi all, let's get straight to the point ~

Lately I've been thinking a lot about changing my cosplay name, Valkoinen Samurai. After some thought I feel like it's too long and too complicated to spell/pronounce all the time, especially to people outside Finland. It just ended up getting tiring and more troublesome than wanted when I have to spell it out for people at cons etc. I need something quicker to pronounce, something easier cosplay nicknames should be easy to remember, for everyone.
Don't get me wrong, I've gotten really used to this name and most people recognize me by it, so it feels really hard to suddenly change it into something else but that's why I'm not going to do a big change! Sure that I have some other internet names too like Chigami and Blood_Sword that I could have used, but I want to stay with the ending 'samurai' because it kind of turned into a trademark thing and I commonly end my nicknames with it nowadays. So well, my brain was trying to come up with a replacement for 'valkoinen' (means 'white' in Finnish) and it quickly hit me that "why not just change the language?" would probably be the best solution. It didn't take long before I had set my mind on 'shiro' which is the same color in Japanese and well, that's what my cosplay/blog name will be from now on Shiro Samurai. This change also applies to my lifestyle and kimono blogs.
It feels a lot less heavy to pronounce; it flows better and is pleasant to say, mmmm yes! <3 At least according to me, hehe. The meaning is still the same so it doesn't feel like a dramatical change that will take long getting used to.. and I hope my readers feel the same and that it won't be too confusing!

Oh, and one last thing! I'm of course fine with people still calling me Valkoinen Samurai, it's basically the same name anyway. :'D Also I won't go back and edit my name on all earlier blog posts and you don't have to do it either if you've mentioned me in your blog.

Sayonara and thanks for your understanding!
Shiro Samurai out


Tsuyami Yukihara said...

Definitely more fluent to say Shiro than Valkoinen! And as you said, it's not a big change because the meaning's still the same. I like it! ^^

..and yeah, cosplay names should be easy to remember. *stares at her own* Even my best friends keep forgetting it and I'm constantly Tsu-Tsuu or something like that. xD

Hasaki Tsuki said...

I like Shiro Samurai! (the name and the guy behind the blog eiku)
I did like Valkoinen Samurai though, but it does flow better with a completely Japanese name. And it's easier to understand for foreign geeks too. ;)