July 15, 2014

150 followers giveaway!

... more like, "160 followers giveaway!" OTL

This blog has reached a whopping 150+ followers!

I know it's late but let's pretend it's not and I'm already on this writing moment at 161 readers (thanks! <3) but I honestly haven't had time to focus on this giveaway earlier because of the ongoing con summer season. Sorry. ;_; But now I have time to breathe out so here it comes, enjoy!

First off, I'm very surprised and happy about so many people having interest in my cosplay life! o_o Even in my wildest dreams I didn't see this popularity coming! If I'm completely honest I have to admit that originally back when I started this blog I planned to mostly have it as a personal notebook kind of thing, you know, just to keep track of my cosplay life for my own amusement. I wasn't counting on any outside interest except for maybe a few really close friends; I wasn't even expecting to ever reach 20 readers! So guess if I'm completely and utterly mindblown by all of you? I am, really. ;A; How did this happen? Mistä näitä lukijoita oikein tulee? :-DD
All of you motivate me to keep writing this blog and so much more that I can't even explain with words! Thanks to cosplay and all wonderful people I've met along the road I've leveled up a lot as a person and I'm very grateful for that! <3 I wouldn't have got this far without all you awesome peeps out there! As a sort of 'thank you' I have a celebration giveaway on the plate! ~
But first there's a few rules that I have to clarify.

~*~ Rules ~*~

• You must be a follower of this blog to participate. After all, this is a 'thank you' type of giveaway to all of you who contributed to number 150 and beyond! :D
• You must live in either Sweden or Finland to participate. Sorry!
• Comment on this post to get an entry to the giveaway and have a chance to win! You must write your email address in the comment so that I can contact you if you are one of the lucky winners! Only one entry per person.
• The winners will be drawn randomly from all the entries and contacted. The prizes will either be handed out by me personally at an anime convention we both will attend or shipped out to you. I will pay the shipping cost.

 I would be very happy if you told me in the entry comment what you like about this blog and if there's something you want to see more of or if you have improvement suggestions (except that I should change the outlook/banner of this blog, I know xD) etc. Feedback most welcome!

Seems easy enough right? Yep, so let's get on with the giveaway prizes!


2nd picture without flash, 3rd picture with flash.
First prize! EOS Dolly Eye Violet circle lenses + lens case!
These are of course authentic, unworn and still in their original sealed bottles. Diameter effect is 15.0 mm according to the bottle, site says 14.2 mm. These are plano lenses (0.00 prescription).


Second prize! A short purpleish-pink cosplay wig!
Brand new and never used! I don't know if it's heat resistant or not but the original site claims that it is; be careful if you decide to try heat styling it.


Third prize! Pokémon Jirachi The Movie: Wishmaker (2004)
Sparingly used, works well. The disc holder of the case has one piece missing but it still holds the disc in place. The cover is the Swedish release but the movie has dubs in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.


That's the prizes for this time, I hope they tickle your fancy!

Remember, if you only want to compete for some of the prizes not all of them then write which ones you are interested in on your entry comment. Example: "I only want to compete for prizes 1 & 3."

Giveaway ends on 1st September.

Best of luck, everyone! :D
Feel free to spread the word! ~


Bardiel said...

Congratulations on over 160 readers!

Personally I like the way you write, whether it's an update on your cosplays or a post-con update. You're very thorough and you don't leave things out much. And okay, of course I like the fabulous derp pictures. How could I not?

I only want to compete for prizes 1 and 2.
My email is omnamon@hotmail.com

Have a nice day! ^^

Sipsinekku said...


Hurr, siun kirjotuksia on kiva lukea, sulla on kiva kirjotustyyli. Sit mun piti sanoo viel jotai mut unohin mitä se oli.

1-2 palkinnot on jees, poksun omistan jo :D onks linssit minkä kokoset?


Broken Junk Doll said...

Ohh I'd be interested in the 2. prize! ' v '
My e-mail is: whatcomesaftersnow@gmail.com

Angie Cross said...

Your blog is really awesome! i should start a cosplayblog again...

I wanna compete for price 1 & 2.

My email is: Sorahimesama@gmail.com :)

Also see ya at närcon and thanks for holding ths giveaway! :3

-ShinigamiUchiha- said...

Onnittelut lukijamäärästä! (:

Pidän kirjoitustyylistäsi sekä siitä, että blogin kuvat ovat hyvänlaatuisia ja muutenkin selkeitä. Mielestäni myös nuo derppailut muistuttavat siitä, ettei cosplayn tarvitse aina olla ihan niin haudanvakavaa touhua :--D

Jajaja palkinnot 1 & 2 kiinnostavat tässä osoitteessa c:


Psycho Cat said...

Oh congratulation on 150 + followers and you deserve it.
You writing is so interesting and so are yours cosplay I hope you get plenty off more followers =D

Oh I would love to see some cosplay makeup tutorial some time if you want to do that will say.

And just for fun I will enter your contest

e-mail is: witch_lady_vampire@hotmail.com

Tsuyami Yukihara said...

Congrats on 150+ followers! :3 Like the people above, I really like your writing style and how you don't leave anything out from your con reports. Oh and all the derping..~ :D (I enjoy the serious cosplay pictures too, they're really cool!)

Keep it up! I can't really think of any improvements, your blog is good as it is! ^_^


CissyDella said...

Congrats for over 160 followers :D

I like to follow your blog for your awesome cosplay photos c: And con summaries!


Jordan Will said...

det är väldigt intressant att läsa din blogg och se dem konvent du varit på. ^^

Min e-post: Jordanwill33@outlook.com

Minorea said...

Yay, always try to get something free! ^-^

Congrats on 150+ followers! I like the most those vip post and con post with lots of pictures. (and derp pictures also)

Sometimes I try to stalk you on cons, but I haven't never find you o_O Well, maybe someday. Or not.


Broken Junk Doll said...

OH I forgot to put in comments about your blog, but yeah I'm probably the most interested in posts which are about making cosplays and also con summaries are pretty cool! You already have both of them in your blog though, so keep it up!

Avantra said...

Shaduppa doo! I'll enter to 1&2, thanks :3

Avantra said...

Oh and avantra@hotmail.fi

FankiKitsune said...

I like very much my senpai~'s blog. This blog is so nice. Your writings inspire me to cosplay and write my own blog more. :)

I'll enter all prizes.


KikiGabriella said...

Osallistuisin tuohon kakkoseen eli peruukki kiinnostaisi. ^^

Aika uusi lukija olen, tosin olen aiemminkin käynyt blogiasi vilkuilemassa. Tykkään cosseistasi ja blogiasikin on kiva lukea. ^^


Rin said...

Onnittelut niin monesta lukijasta ! :3 Itse vasta törmäsin blogiisi ja on muuten hyviä kirjotuksia, jatka samaan malliin ~

Osallistun 1 ja 2 palkintoihin ^^


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Mega-congrats on 150+ followers!! <3 I'm very happy you're so popular, you deserve it!
Now, I follow your blog because it's really awesome in all ways! It's pretty rare to actually see a young man like you wear proper kimono and mix it cosplay, so you get all the bonus points for this. <3
Also, your cosplays are so beautiful. ;A; It's very interesting to see progress pics and have you explain how you make one cosplay part or another. I learned a lot of things about cosplay and cosplay making thanks to you!
I love your photo editing skills too. And you see this coming, your derps are gold. XD You've made me laugh my *ss off many times!
Please stay awesome. <3

Btw, I'm interested in the 2nd price. Hohoho ~


Aassi said...

Hur dur!

Onnea lukijoista!

Tämä on yksi harvoista blogeista joita luen englanniksi, joten ole ylpeä! Tekstisi ei ole sellaista puuduttavaa englantia jota en jaksa lukea, vaan sujuvaa ja helppolukuista :) idän aina lukea miten ihmiset tkee omia cossejaan, mistä materiaalista ja ymsyms, joten näitä toivoisin lisää :)

Kaikkien palkintojen arvontaan osallistun