July 2, 2014

kimono!Gakupo preview – The [not-so] serious part (2/2)

Hello fellow derps! o/

Here comes the long awaited or long feared second part of the Gakupo preview post!
For the serious prequel, check here.
I hope you have prepared and warmed up to the rhythm of the derpy arm dance gif because what is to follow here is very dangerous stuff. Really, really, dangerous. You better lock your brain away somewhere safe or it will never be the same again...
Because, you see, one does not simply have a completely serious photoshoot 3-4 o'clock in the night/morning without it getting out of track sooner or later. Yeah, pulling serious faces wasn't all that I did back then and here comes proof of that proof that I can be a complete derp at times. :-DD

Are you ready to scroll down? 
Ready, steady...

(photographer: Hasakitsuki)
I flip my hair back and forth... out of frame.
Just let me pretend for a sec that I'm
in a mahou shoujo anime... la la la ~
hurp :|
This is the reason why I don't smile so often on photos. xD
I am disappoint.
I have no idea. Don't ask me.
I yawned but it looks more like a laugh – my life is beautiful.
(yeah, it was barely 4 in the morning and I saw a taxi outside, ermahglerb people)
And the best for last. Maybe.

(this shit gives me nightmares, lol)
Because everyone knows that cosplay is so very srs bsnss. Not so. Sometimes it's nice and refreshing to just loosen up and fool around a bit and hey, why not share the fun even if it looks all kinds of bad and "oh god this pic should never see the light of day" horrible? :D I hope everyone will live a bit longer now because of the laughs I hopefully provided you on my expense wohoo! \o/ Ah, the feeling of making a fool out of myself for shits and giggles. xD Life is too short to take yourself seriously all the time, hehehe.. ~

In 3, 2, 1...  
Valkoinen Samurai runs off to rebuild his face in the cosplay world, byee ~~


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Ooooooooooh my stomach hurts from all the laughter. XD I can't look at Gakupo seriously ever again.
Such beautiful faces, wow. :'D That really cracked me up, thanks! ^u^

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

The last picture ruined my image of Gakupo now, thanks! xD

Sipsinekku said...

En voi sanoa mitään kun itse juuri vähän aika sitten valitin että ilmeile enemmän :'DD

Eka kuva on aika fabulous~

PS. jopa mun koira tuli vieree töllää näitä