April 4, 2014

Quick rasetsu version Saitou preview

Yep, more Saitou coming through!

I've wanted to cosplay rasetsu!Saitou ever since I got me some red contact lenses. I had been looking for a decent wig for quite some time until I found one it's a bit more silver-gray than pure white but I still think it will do... for now at least; I'll likely replace it in the future if I ever find a better one.

Oh well, today I had a quick preview test outside just to see what it will look like!
Photographer is Hasakitsuki.

It was a bit windy and cold so we didn't stay outside for long. I don't know really what's up with these contacts but when I put them on they were uncomfortable and I had to take out them and put them back on. On the second try it was bearable but I still felt them when I blinked and I'm sure that the earlier times I've worn these they haven't been as uncomfortable maybe they are expiring? It hasn't been one year yet but at least half a year since I opened them. It feels like they dry out quicker than before and I took them off immediately after the shoot because blööörgh. I think I'll end up buying new red contacts for the summer con season because hey, who wants to wear uncomfortable contacts for a whole con day? Certainly not me.
Oh, and speaking of summer con season I'd just clarify that yeah, rasetsu!Saitou will hopefully appear in at least one summer/spring con this year. I have no idea yet which one though...

I don't have anything else to say really, I just need to start looking for new swords because my former wooden ones broke at Tracon last year and I have yet to find a replacement. I'm looking but it's proving to be much harder than what one would think to find a katana and wakizashi set that doesn't cost me my limbs, that looks decent (aka no wall-hanger crap) and is generic enough to work for most characters. I'd prefer dull metallic swords if possible but I'm checking for wooden ones as well...


Anmanda said...

I actually love that wig, I think it looks a bit more natural (as natural as you can get with anime characters lol) with an off white wig, and also I think they photograph really well :3. But then again, accuracy is accuracy haha, I guess it's a matter of taste ^^

Hasaki Tsuki said...

My lagtop took forever to load the pictures (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I really like the "fluffy wig effect", a.k.a "wind" ;) And this silver wig doesn't look bad, actually it looked darker IRL if you ask me.
Also, f...ing cool make-up.