April 18, 2014

Desucon ticket rush

Hi again!

As most people (at least in Finland) might know, Desucon released their con tickets today at 18:00 Finnish time – I was ready in front of the computer 30 min before the release. I was prepared that the tickets would sell like nothing else so when the Desu-shop opened I immediately tried to order myself and Hasakitsuki a ticket each. Of course the site was slow and lagging like hell and I got "gateway timeout" errors and "server is overloaded, try again later" messages more often than not when I refreshed the page. Frustrating!

Desucon's beautiful "server overload" message. (screenshot)
It was very stress-inducing and the few times I actually managed to load the shop-page and write in all the information I failed the next step, aka confirm/send the order. Yep, it took me around five or so tries before I could successfully proceed past the shop-page and when I did I got the message that the fabric tickets were already sold out. Damn, that was barely 10 minutes after the release!
Oh well, my heart nearing my throat I kept refreshing and trying to order two of the remaining new PDF-tickets and after a few more tries it finally went through, yes! I swear my pulse was racing during this intense ticket buying session, never before has it been so hard to buy a con ticket! Desucon is ridiculously popular, it sold all 2900 or so tickets in approximately 30 minutes. Sweet Jesus. I'm glad I got a ticket, now to just wait for it to arrive in the mail and then to book the train to Lahti and back and come up with what to cosplay...

See you guys there who were lucky enough to grab a ticket in time!


  1. It's really crazy that this would happen in Finland, of all countries. I mean, there aren't so many people in Finland to begin with!
    I'm really really happy you made it through this rush! *insert fitting Hakuouki picture here* ;)

  2. Voi niitä aikoja kun desuun sai vielä lipun viikkoa ennen conia :'D Enpä ite tällä kertaa joutunu tähän ruljanssii, koska en desuun oo tulossa, oli sinäänsä vähän hauskaa nauraa fabossa kun kaikki panikoi (tiiän ettei sais, koska olisin normaalisti itekki siinä ollu, mutta kun!) xD Ei ollu ees tänä vuonna mitää semmosta ohjelmaa mikä ois erityisemmi kiinnostan (nyt salee räjäyttävät jotku killeri kunniavieraat..). En ihan ymmärrä miks kaikki stressaa desun lipuista nii paljo aina l'D

    1. Ai onks semmoisia aikoja ollut joskus? :'D No jopas, impossibru!
      Juu siis mitä itse olen myös Desun ohjelmia pikaisesti katsonut niin ei mikään luento kiinostanut juuri ollenkaan. xD Mutta haluan silti sinne mennä koska Sibbetalo on mukava conipaikka (vaikka Tracon onki Suomen paras coni mun mielest) ja tykkään hirveen paljon siit laiturialueesta + muutama hyvä kaveri on sinne menossa. :)

    2. Jooo, sillon joskus.... 2010? :'DD

      Njoo, sibbe on ihan jees, tosin alkaa käymää vähän pieneks desulle :/


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