April 16, 2014

VR, I love you

What's up with the title, how is it related to cosplay?
Well, sit back my dear readers and see, I'll explain to you... ~

How much haven't I been raging about outrageous train ticket prices before? 
Well, it's history now.

Earlier today when I was doing my daily internet round I checked my email and noticed that I had gotten something from VR, aka Finland's main train company. Normally I wouldn't be too interested because usually it's just a sale mention for specific routes that only last a short time or such –but– this time it was different. It wasn't a sale that would last a week, or maybe a month. No no, better than that. It wasn't even really a sale but a price drop on pre-bought train tickets that is here to stay!! What makes it better is that seemingly the whole Finland is included, which means I can travel from anywhere within the country and the earlier I buy my tickets the cheaper it will be – so much win!
I promise when I saw these news I was about to dance on the ceiling of joy because my brain immediately drew the link, aka I can from now on travel to whatever anime convention in Finland I please and it won't cost me all my limbs and belongings anymore. If you buy your tickets, say, 2 months in advance the price difference is HUGE; I actually checked for Desucon just for the hell of it and with the new cheap advance tickets I would only have to pay around 67 € instead of a whopping 167 € or so for both ways, crazy!
Yeah, so this pretty much means that my chances to get to Desucon as well as Animecon just skyrocketed! Yep, earlier I had thought that I might end up having to pass them by this year because of bad economy. No more stress of trying to find a carpool (except for Cosvision cuz it's kinda too late to get super cheap tickets now) because hey, I can actually afford the trains now, whoopee!! :D Also I can now just comfortably take the train to Tracon (already bought con ticket!) without having to think "damn, the train is too expensive, I have to look for other options" – feels so good man! Oh, and this also means that there is a higher chance that I can visit cons in Finland now that I haven't been to before because it would have been too expensive and/or not worth it for the expenses. My con limits almost disappeared in other words!


That's all I had to say. Ciao ~


Ri-chan said...

Wow, that is awesome! Though I already got pretty cheap student tickets, this makes me happy. And when your chances of going to Finnish cons got better, my chances of seeing you at cons got equally bigger. Great!

KristalliKuolema said...

This is soittaa awesome news! Thanks you soittaa much for telling this ♥
It will help a lot of ppl

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

It won´t get much better than this! I will at least think about the Desucon option now!

Sipsinekku said...

Tulipas hyvä mieli tätä lukiessa! Kiva että VR tekee kerranki jotain oikein l'D

Psycho Cat said...

Oh that was great news for you =D And the rest that need it, also I like it when you get it cheaper for buying early tickets.