March 25, 2014

Saitou gets an update for the better!

Hello peeps!

On 19th March I decided it was about time that I cut my Saitou wig a little. Sure that it has always been fine but for the past few months it started bothering me slightly that the bangs are kinda long mostly because they block out my right eye and this doesn't always look good on photos. So yeah, cutting time!

Before cutting to the left, after on right.
Also on the next day I went to a fabric store in town and bought some fabric for the scarf. Yeah, I do have a scarf already but, as some of you might know, it loves itself some strangling antics and it's just heavy and annoying to wear after a while; I've wanted a thinner and more flowy scarf and so I decided to make another one. The fabric that I bought was unusually wide around 2,4 meters so I only had to buy a small strip of it. I didn't purchase more than 30 cm, although afterwards I realized it wouldn't have been bad with a bit more. I tend to always buy too much fabric for bigger projects and not enough for smaller projects, lol. Not like it was bad though, the scarf turned out okay anyway.
I didn't really take any progress pictures because it's so simple to sew a scarf just zigzag the edges, fold in the edges, fold the whole thing in half and sew it shut with a straight stitch.

Started sewing the scarf shut.
With the scarf done I was ready to go take a few photos and so I did on 25th March, aka today.
Me and Hasakitsuki (photographer) went outside the apartment and had a quick shooting to show off the costume updates; it's nothing mind-boggling but still something fresh!

The scarf seen from the back. (yeah I know, should have ironed it...)
This fucker even blows in the wind! 8D (if you're lucky)
I'm still a bit meh because I would have wanted the scarf a bit wider (yeah, it still bugs me) than what it is but oh well, at least there's no way in hell this thing could attempt strangling techniques on me anymore, unlike its predecessor. It's very lightweight and comfortable and cost me 4 € to make.

Enough of the scarf. Next up is a photo that shows the wig's makeover better:

Oh the joy when the wig doesn't completely block out my right eye anymore! I still frequently have to move hairs away from my eye especially when it's windy before a photo is taken but at least it looks better and hey, it's never bad to be able to see properly in cosplay. xD
Lastly here's a cropped close-up of the contact lenses that I will wear for Saitou from now on. Yeah, it's totally the reason I opened my Beaucon Vibrant Match Blue lenses. Surprise motherfucker!

Sure that his eyes are violet-ish in the anime but in the game they are blue and well, the game came first so I consider it the official/original. Blue-eyed Saitou it is, deal with it ~

That's it, new cosplay previews for this year's con season will follow!
Valkoinen Samurai says bye!


  1. Bra gjort att klippa peruken helt klart och halsduken är fin. Vet den fina känslan av att blir stryp av en halsduk inte kul -_- Tycker nog att blå linser är mer passande honom, men jag har inte spelat spelen eller så. Kan blir en aning för violett annars, för om jag inte minns fel är hans hår åt det mörka violetta hållet. Men fin och ser fram emot mer bilder på allt du gör =D

  2. Dat flying scarf. <3 And OMG Saitou does have a right eye!
    It looks much better after cutting the wig if you ask me ~

  3. You did a great job with that wig! It looks really good. ^^
    Also, dat flying scarf is awesome! Make sure it doesn't fly away >8DDD


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