March 14, 2014

Souji Okita from Rurouni Kenshin photoshoot!

 Hi everyone!

A few days ago I received a few new wigs and one of them was a wig that I plan to use for Rurouni Kenshin's Souji Okita the Tsuiokuhen/Trust & Betrayal OVA version. Yes, I do plan to cosplay him this year!
Okay, so today I tried the wig on and decided instantly that it needs to be cut a bit to fit him and so I trimmed one of the sides, the one with the longer end, as well as shortened and layered the bangs so that I wouldn't get the Rock Lee effect when wearing it, brrr. Yeah, it had way too much hair in the front. ._.

Wig uncut, without the ponytail clip.
With the wig styled I put on the rest of the cosplay which is basically recycling parts from earlier cosplays, haha. The violet-blue kimono is new though and it's made by Hasakitsuki's mom as a gift, thank you. I wore my Volte Brown contacts for Okita and I think they are perfect for him!
I wanted a cosplay preview and a photoshoot on the same go and so we went outside the apartment and took a shitlot of pictures; it wasn't all that cold at the beginning but it was very windy and towards the end it got so damn cold I could barely move my fingers and hold the sword and, well, I was shaking quite badly... which could have been seen as being in character *coughsickcough* but oh well. ^^"

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Souji Okita)
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

Nothing more to say, I'm terribly stoked to wear this to a con! I hope I will find someone who cosplays Battousai version Kenshin so that we could have an epic photoshoot. Would be so awesome!

But now Valkoinen Samurai goes samurai-ing elsewhere ~


  1. ERMYGLEHRB dem pictures <3
    You look like you just stepped out of the anime on the 4th pic, and the colors on the three last ones are simply amazing - and a striking contrast with the previous one.
    One thing though, I'm seriously disappointed by the lack of flying headband here. You can't say I wasn't trying.

    1. Thanks!
      I know right! D: there were some with flying headbands but then there was something else wrong with the pic so I didn't use any of them. :( Let's try again next time!

  2. hyviä kuvia sun kasvot käy niin hyvin japanilaisiin hahmoihin! sun pitäs cossii hijikataa gintamasta kävisit siihen niin loistavasti !

  3. Aivan pakko hehkuttaa, koska DAT kuva nro. 5! *-*

    Missä aattelit Soujia muutes cossata jos passaa kysyä? :'3 ~I'm curious~


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