October 9, 2013

Into the beginning cold - Okita & Chizuru photoshoot

Hi guys!

As I mentioned on the Kemi's manga day summary post after the event Sairu-chan came over to my place and we had a fabulous gaming night! What we also had was a cosplay photoshoot on the next morning. I'll tell you shortly about it but it's not like there's that much to tell so, err. Oh well, originally we had planned to do a photoshoot with me as rasetsu! Hijikata, Sairu-chan as normal Chizuru and Hasakitsuki as oni!Chizuru. Then again, what we didn't realize until Sunday morning (aka photoshoot day, 6th October) was that.. well.. my swords broke after Tracon and I haven't got new ones yet and rasetsu!Hijikata -or hell, even normal Hijikata- just doesn't work that well without swords. Fuck. :)
Needless to say we put our three morning-braindead heads together and after some brainstorming I had these cosplay options: 1) SSL!Hijikata 2) artbook!Saitou 3) Kondou, and lastly 4) Okita in that yukata he wears in bed/while sick. I ended up thinking that Okita would be the best candidate for this because c'mon, lack of swords and Okita is the best. <3 Oh well, we rolled with that decision and changed into our cosplays on the morning. I must say while dressing I totally remembered why I wanted to remake this version of Okita because seriously, I made it in a rush like 3 days before the con and it shows; I screwed up while cutting so there's seams where there shouldn't be any, I cut the lining too short (I wonder why I even lined it in the first place.. c'mon it's a yukata..) and the thing that bugs me the most is that it is too damn short!! Again, cutting mistake. Oh, and need I mention that this thing likes to go everywhere all the time? It's like wrestling with a dragon when you try to keep it in place - it's just, nope.

Except the fact that this yukata is pure troll and pure crap I managed to wear it sort-of-without-flashing-my-legs-all-the-time. I can deal with wearing it once more so that I could at least get some better photos of this cosplay (don't really have any) and possibly just for a last wear before I make a new one and very likely blood down this one because really, I don't care about staining it and could get some cool pictures when that time comes! But now I'm getting way ahead so let's get back to what this post was to be about - cosplay photoshoot!

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Souji Okita), Hasakitsuki (Chizuru Yukimura) 
Photographer: Sairu-chan

Before someone tells me, yes, my foot is still wrapped in bandages, it hasn't fully healed yet. Can't really do much about it for now so let's just deal with it discreetly photobombing. Oh, and double yes, I'm barefoot and yes, it was cold and my feet turned purple-ish at some point.

My personal favorite of the shoot ;w; <3

We did have a change of photographer and thus a Chizuru swap but I'll let Sairu-chan post those photos on which she is with me. First I need to send them to her though.. whoops haven't had time to check all the pics yet.
The photoshoot was fun but we didn't shoot really long because it wasn't the warmest weather and well, when a worried Chizuru -or two- tells Okita to get inside before he gets sick one does not simply refuse.. and it's not like I want to get badly sick again now when the winter is coming.. especially not a second lung sickness, it was horrible enough a few years ago so no thanks, I'd rather not have another not-far-from-death experience. ;_; 

There's not really so much more to say - I want to have more home cosplay photoshoots with friends from now on, Sairu-chan you need to come and sleep over more often! >8D The more the merrier!

But.. before you go I have exactly one bonus picture to share!

I'm out!


  1. Oh my, these are so damn cute~<3 I wish I didn't live so far from you guys so I could do random photo-shoots with you.

  2. hienoja kuveja. : ) sun lemppari on munkin lemppari

  3. Those pictures are so cute! ;w; I'm really happy that those pictures turned out so well! Love them! <3
    I really should come there more often >8D

  4. Hihi!! i'm a spanish cosplayer and a new follower for you~~ ♥ Nice to meet you ;)


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