January 15, 2013

Third time's the charm - Shinsengumi headband


Finally decided to try and finish my shinsengumi headband. The last try didn't work and I learned from my mistakes.. aka do not use stretch fabric.
I went to the attic and looked at other fabric options; I found some semi-glossy black slightly sturdier non-stretch fabric.. I have no idea what it is but it seemed okay so I decided to use it. Not so much to say about the process because it's very basic, I'll let a few photos speak instead.

Fabric cut out (I cut extra for seam allowances)
Zigzaged around
Folded in all the sides and sewed
Sewing it in place on headband
I don't understand why it took me so many tries to get such a simple thing right... troll!headband. OTL Oh well, now it's done and I decided to do a very quick try-on in cosplay to see that it wasn't trolling even after being finished...

Excuse my lack of pretty much all make-up except eyeliner.. I couldn't be bothered. Also mostly mirror photos.


Just to show length of headband
(note: ponytail is under it on this)
It seems to be working all right, thank God for that. I was getting fed up with this project. I think I'll use the headband for Hijikata at Närcon Vinter, possibly the other shinsengumi guys in the future too.

Hmm, not so much more to say. I'm really looking forward to Närcon Vinter!


  1. You must be glad to be finally done with troll!headband. It looks good, and your wig looks just fine too! Have fun at Närcon Vinter, Hijikata-san ~

    1. Like, you have no idea. It was so troll. XD
      Thank you, I sure will ~ <3

  2. Troll!asusteet on aina jotain hienoa xD Hienoa, että sait sen vihdoin valmiiksi! Se näyttää tosi hyvältä, ja niin tekee myös tuo peruukki! 8D

    Pdähän hauskaa talvi!Närconissa minunkin puolestani! <3

    1. Not sure if hienoa. XD Mä olen joutunut sitä purkamaan niin monta kertaa että jos olis vielä kerran mennyt mönkkään olisin polttanut koko jutun.. leivinuunissa. Onneks se oli kiltisti tän kolmannen kerran ~ :')

      Joo tottakai pidän!! 8D Pidä sinä hauskaa Kitaconissa myös mun puolesta!

  3. Ooh-la-la~ The headband looks great! It, along with the new wig, really makes you look uber fierce & awesome as Hijikata ~ :D


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