January 18, 2013

Espeon gijinka ears


I bought today some purple fleece for my gijinka Espeon ears while I was waiting for le stepdad to pick me up from town. When I got home I decided to start making them right away. I will write this in a kind of tutorial-ish way. Here goes ~

My chosen fabrics: purple fleece and err, I think it's black velvet..
The reference picture I used of Espeon
I took some pattern paper and drew the form of the ears, including the "eartail" things. I made them around 30 cm long.

Pattern for the ears drawn..
Folded the fleece fabric and pinned pattern in place..
After I had cut out a pair of ears.. 4 pieces of fabric in total. Remember seam allowance!
I made the inner ear pattern by putting the "outer ear" under the pattern paper and drew it..
(this is taken after I had cut out the inner ear pattern and put it on top of the outer ear to check that they fit together)
Inner ear pattern pinned in place on fabric...
Inner ear pieces cut out.. 2 in total, you don't need these at the back of the ears obviously.
I didn't do any seam allowance for the inner ear pieces because they are just sewed on top of the ears.. and the fabric doesn't fray, so no need to fold it in or anything.
I pinned the inner ear pieces..
.. and zigzaged them on. (you can do straight stitch if you want, I just used zigzag to avoid getting more of those "black fluffs" everywhere)
Turned the ears right sides against each other and sewed around it..
During the sewing I made some mistakes. Every time you have to change sewing direction you can't do a sharp angle... Like an "L" or something like that. It will look bad when you turn it right sides out.. trust me, I did this mistake on the first ear and it puckered and looked fugly so I had to unstitch all parts were there was a sharp angle. You have to do a soft curve and it also helps to do some cuts along the curve at the wrong side to "relax" the fabric.

Cuts at the curve to demonstrate what I mean...
When you have sewed both ears closed (except the root of the ears, which you obviously should leave open, if you want to have some stuffing inside them) carefully turn it back right sides out and use a pen or something to get those narrow pointy-ish shapes out fully.

An empty ear turned right side out... it needs some...
... FLUFF! (pillow stuffing or whatever it's called)
After filling ears with stuffing...
I sewed the roots closed with a sewing machine.
You can handsew too if you prefer that..
Now I had a pair of Espeon gijinka ears. The method of attaching them to the wig is either by safety pinning the ears into the wig or you could sew them on if you'd like. I will just use safety pins for now myself because I don't know yet if I can use the wig for other cosplays...
I did the ears this way because it's easier to hide and looks more, err, "natural" than just having an obvious headband with ears on.

I decided to do a really quick Espeon gijinka try-on, just to see how the ears sit on the wig and if they weighted it down or something. They did not, very light-weight and comfortable to wear!

Here's few (mirror) photos:

Is it just me or does this wig suit me? xD
When I had it on I thought "Maybe I should really cosplay Gakupo.." (yes, I've planned that for quite some time but not 100% sure)

My gijinka ears "droop" as you can see on the last photo, but I can position them and have them hold the new pose as long as I do not move my head around. I'm not sure if I should keep them like this because in a way I kinda like them when they hang like that. xD Or should I safety pin them so that they point more outwards/stand up more? I think depending on how I pin them the shape they are in will be different... hmmm I'll have to experiment with it...

That kimono (and juban) is the one I'll be wearing but I have not yet decided on if I should use a black or wine red kaku obi.. and I'm thinking about adding some accessories.. if I can find what I have in mind ~
Also I need to get my hands on a red craft gem or rhinestone or whatever they are called.. with a flat back of course. I checked Tiimari and another store today but they didn't really have gems with the right form/size/color.. and if they had something half-way decent they were in a multi-pack and/or overpriced... and because I just need one and not like 30 in different sizes too OTL it feels a bit derp to pay 5 € or something to just use one of them lol. I think I'll go check Tex too before I turn to buying from eBay haha.

Bye bye for now!


Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

Gött! Ser bra ut! Ser fram emot att se den live sen!

Mira くん said...

You look pretty cool with the ears.
And yes, purple suits you very well and you should cosplay Gakupo sometime~ 8D

I think the black obi might look better because it's a more neutral color than wine red. Well, that's my opinion. ^^

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thank you! 8D

Yeah, I'm leaning more towards black too (with red extra accessories) but I might try both and compare. :)

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Tackar! Du får ta och bestämma dig vilken söndagscosplay du ska göra!

Arawn Elidd said...

Ahhh, I love your Espeon gijinka ears - they look fantastic on you, bro! Very good idea to safety pin them to the wig so they look more natural. And I must agree, that wig suits you well! :D PFFT OMG~!, I can't believe how much we think alike, as I too have been loosely planning a Gakupo for some time as well. XDD

As for getting the ears to stand up and be pose-able, I recommend inserting a light-weight wire frame (which you would connect to the netting of the wig) using either a metal coat hanger or some crafting wire. You'd have to open the seams at the tips of the ears to slid the wire in, but it might be worth the added effort!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thank you!
HAHAHA oh god you serious, Gakupo too? XD

Hmm interesting, I'll keep that in mind. I think I'll first try safety pinning them on differently and if it doesn't work I'll consider adding wire. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Arawn Elidd said...

You're welcome man!
YES I am serious. XD My aunt had gotten me a wig to use for Saitou months ago, but it was too long and much too light (like Gakupo's color). So we shall see hahaa.

You're welcome. :) Good idea to try the safety pin method first. Hope it'll produce good, quick results!