January 11, 2012

I'M STRESSED!! + Shinso progress

 Hi guys!

First of all.. that earlier "fuck you paint" incident ......................... it was oil paint. "OTL Stupid me didn't read the description on the can like I normally do, I somehow took for granted it was normal water-based paint... it didn't even cross my mind that oil paint even existed. No wonder it was sticky as fuck, took probably over 24 hours to dry completely and water didn't wash it off. I got scolded when mom and Ari found out... I felt like a big huge dumb idiot asshole. Great.
Oh well... you make mistakes to learn... or whatever...

Okay, so Desucon Frostbite is soon here. I used to hope it would come already but now I'm so stressed it's not even funny. Tomorrow is the last day I have to finish Shinso, iron my cosplays and pack all my stuff... and what ticks me off is that over half of the day will be wasted sitting in school not really doing a crap. Today I didn't do a shit at school, I went there and went back to sleep for like 3 hours, then I had an introduction lesson which like.. lasted for 5 minutes and then 2 hours free time before the next lesson, that I didn't do anything on either and err, the last lesson I didn't really have, argh.. I could have been home working on my sword instead. Okay, I'm going offtopic... but yeah, it's tempting to skip school tomorrow and focus on getting my cosplay stuff done. I'm not sure if I can manage to finish Shinso in time.
The painting process has been such a pain in the ass. First that whole oil paint fuck-up thing and not even the spray paint wants to work as I'd like it to.. stupid cold weather, stupid dark time of the year, stupid snow covering my usual "working place" outside. Makes everything problematic.
So I've been outside spray painting Shinso and err... I will need to do a second coating because the paint dried so slowly it got stuck on the surface I used (fgdshhfdjsajd, I hate when that happens!) and these annoying.. err, "bubbles" appeared and made the surface broken and mildly ugly. I probably need to sand them down and repaint the whole thing. Oh, and there's tsukamaki left to do... I'M SOOOO STRESSED. ARGHGHGHG.

Shinso in progress...
Smell ya later!


  1. Hahah itselleni on käynyt ihan samanlailla nuoruus vuosinani! (4 vuotta sitten xD)

    Siinä meni viikko ennen kun se öljymaali kuivu. Eh.

  2. VITTUUN ÖLJYMAALIT!! D8<< Niis aina lukee VITUN PIENELLÄ että ne on öljymaaleja. Sit cossaajat ostaa niitä ja tuhlaa rahat kalliin maaliin ja ne luulee et se on hyvää ja sit mikä järkytys! Itse vahingossa tein Komamuran silmät öljyväreil, nii sitte siin viikko piti oottaa et kuivuu :/ vieläkin haisee vähän se väri...

  3. Ah looking so great. You make me want to do stuff like that too. Just hang in there. Don´t stress to much.


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