January 23, 2012

Next con I'm planning to go to...

... is Kitacon 4 in Kemi, 11th February 2012. Finland, duh.

Oh, and hi! xD

But seriously, why wouldn't I attend Kitacon when it's close to me? Omg, close, read that? It's almost I can't believe it. Close. I live like... maybe 25 km away from it and well, it's the world's most northern con so EFF YEAH FINALLY SOMETHING CLOSE TO ME. :'DD Wuhuu! Okey, it kinda sucks to live in the north sometimes, ahaha.. I have to travel to the other end of Finland to attend cons and some people believe we don't have internet access here and ride reindeers to school... waitwhat?

Cosplay plans you ask? Well, if my friend Jäärä manages to get up here it will be so much AWESOME, so much awesome I can't sit still just thinking about it. I'm planning to not be a durp this time and actually do Turn Back the Pendulum Jushiro Ukitake from Bleach, aka ponytail!Ukitake... and I will bring my shikai... because I can, no problems transporting them this time. Car rides yesssss! Oops, I'm too hyper I see.. and well, Jäärä would be my Turn Back the Pendulum Unohana feat. Minazuki! And yes, TBtP versions to match, no time-fucks. :)

See ya!


  1. ÖrbÖr I CAN*T WAIT it will be AWESOME and SO much FUN <3~

  2. That sound awesome, and so much fun. =D

  3. Its sounds great! :) Haaave fuun~ ^^


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