June 28, 2015

Lens review: TheDollyEye Pop C Dark Blue

Hello everyone out there!

I have a new lens review up to share with you all and this time it's the Pop C Dark Blue lenses by TheDollyEye! o/ I'm actually really confused as to who is the real manufacturer of these lenses (TheDollyEye is a rebranding label) because I've seen some sites list them as EOS while others say Dueba. I honestly don't know. ^^"

Oh well, let's get to the review ~

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 55%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

Lenses in their vials, held up against the window.
Held up but with a flashlight (white/blue light) right under the vials.
Lens on my finger, "wrong" side up.
Please do note that these lens details I took from what it says on the TheDollyEye vials that I have. I've noticed that on PinkyParadise these lenses have a different base curve, diameter and even water content! (note: mine are not bought from Pinky)
That said I don't know which one is the real one or if there is different versions/batches/whatnot of the same lens.

One lens in.
My very first reaction when I put the first lens into my eye and looked in the mirror was "man, these are much more black-toned than I was expecting", along with "these are rather small". They don't seem like 15.0 mm lenses to me, pfft.
I think that they might be fairly similar in size to the Neo Celeb Violet lenses; actually, when I think about it, these are rather similar to the Neo Celeb series in many ways both have a similar lens design, look similar when worn (except that the Pop C appears darker and shows less of the color, in this case blue) and the enlargement is on the smaller side of average but still noticeable.

The first time I wore these they went into my eyes no problem. My left eye started, after one minute or so, to feel like there was something annoying it slightly; I moved the lens in my eye and then my eye was suddenly crying and the feeling of irritation got stronger. I took the lens out, cleaned it and put it back in and this time it was fine.

All photos are taken during a cloudy afternoon, around 15:30-ish. Photos are all taken by me, as is to be expected. ;) I'm sorry about the quality though, my camera didn't want to be my friend this day...

Facing the window in the apartment.
(our window always has the sun facing it on morning/mid-day)
Flash photo indoors.
Bathroom light, part one.
Bathroom light, part two.
Facing a yellow corridor light.
Next to a crappy weak yellow light in the staircase.
Outdoors with my back against the light.
Outdoors facing the sun.
Actually, for some reason these lenses look more blue on photos than in real life, at least according to me. xD But yeah, I do like the color of these although I would have hoped for a bit more blue color and maybe a bit less black; now it kinda looks like the black is a tad overwhelming. It's not a bad thing though, it does give a rather rad effect and on some days I really like the dark look it gives.

In terms of comfort I think these are on the better end of average; I've worn them for around 4 hours no problem a couple of times. I do sometimes have this very slight feeling in my eye that I'm wearing contacts but it's not bothersome at all, really minor.
Overall I do like these lenses, although I'm not sure if I would repurchase them – maybe if I needed them for a character with black-blue eyes because, funnily enough, these look lighter and more blue on photos than what they do in real life, as I already mentioned before. I'm actually surprised how much nicer they look on photos... it's a bit of a bummer, haha. xD

Lastly I have the usual from-a-distance photo!

Facing window during a rather sunny day.
(note: this photo was taken on a different day than the rest)
Want to see these lenses in other colors?
I've reviewed a pair here: Green

Short summary:

Color: 6/10
It shows as dark blue, yeah, but I was kinda hoping for a bit more blue and a bit less... black.
Design: 7/10
These give me the whole "hey I've seen similar lenses out there!" reaction but they do look good nonetheless.
Opacity: 7/10
It does its job, but somehow it seems like my own eye color shows through in certain lights when viewed from a distance.
Enlargement: 4/10
Enlargement is okay.
Comfort: 7/10 
Comfort is on the better end of average I'd say.
Naturalness: 3/10
These aren't really natural because of the obvious black limbal ring, but it's still not bad either.

That's all for this round! Bub-bai ~

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