July 1, 2015

Skecon 2015 – Cosplay plans revealed!

Hello everyone, how's it rollin'? ;)

As some of you might know, Skecon is soon around the corner and I am heading there as per usual! I'm a Skecon-lover since 2012, aka when the very first one was held. ♡
In case someone here is now like "Skecon?" then yeah, it's a small but constantly growing little anime convention held this year during 3-5 July in Skellefteå, Sweden. What puts Skecon apart from other similar events in the north is that the people behind it are ambitious like no one's business and they also have the passion to get unique/refreshing entertainment to the con itself – basically saying that Skecon does things other cons don't, and by that I mean good things. For example, last year they were the first con to hold a Vocaloid concert in all of Sweden and veeery likely the rest of northern Europe as well! The Vocaloid concert will be held this year too, by the way. *hint hint* 
Yep yep, Skecon isn't one of my favorite conventions for no reason. ;) It's just such a comfy con with a wonderful location, a lot to do (gaming room etc) and it's just awesome overall – certainly one of the cons that I'd hate to miss out on, period.

But hey, I think that's enough pre-hyping so let's get to the cosplay plans now!
At first I had a different line-up in mind but then I thought that I felt more like cosplaying these characters instead; I just hope that the weather won't be horrible because I wouldn't be smiling about either rain or a case of oh-holy-shit-I'm-being-grilled-alive. -.-

But now, cosplays!


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Hajime Saitou

It's time to step back into the Hakuouki wagon again!
You thought my interest had maybe calmed down a bit by now? Lolnope! :'DD neverrr
Saitou is nice to cosplay and I really want to have a new photoshoot too; Skecon has wonderful photo-friendly areas outside so I'm thinking that this should be the perfect opportunity to get some good updated shots of this costume!


Series: Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa
Character: Kojirou Sasaki

Another cosplay debut!
I've actually wanted to cosplay this guy for a few years now and finally I'm getting around to it! I just hope that the wig won't betray me because I have yet to style it... x)
Otherwise I'm really not expecting anyone to recognize who I'm cosplaying lol. If someone does I'm gonna be so surprised that I'll eat pickles for the rest of the month...


Series: Rentarou Satomi
Character: Black Bullet (anime version)

New cosplay!
I've already mentioned at the beginning of the year that I was planning on cosplaying this fellow and now it's happening! I likely won't have the gun this time around though because well, money issues. :< I'll add it later. I really don't have 1000+ SEK to spend on a prop right now. *coughairsoftreplicacough*
The reason I'm doing the anime version is because in the anime he has brown eyes (manga has blue) and so far I've only watched the anime, so it feels more "right" to do the anime version for now, heheh.


And that's my plans for Skecon 2015! I want to mention though that I might change on which day I wear what cosplay if the weather is really hot, rainy or such.
I hope to meet many familiar faces at the con and I'm sure that it will be a blast! I'm also hoping that the bouncy castle will return because seriously, dangnabbit! 
I'm just really excited because Skecon is something so wonderful – I get hyped just thinking about it!

That's all!
Stay alert though, I might do some kind of cosplay test-run post just before the con!

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