June 10, 2015

Kummacon 2015 – Cosplay plans!

How's it going guys?

Remember how I implied earlier that Skecon would be my next convention? Well, that's not quite true anymore! ;)
You see, some time ago I was swimming around on the internet and then I happened to end up on Kummacon's website. Thing is that I already knew about this con... and I had completely forgotten about it, until now.
I guess that back when I first learned about it I just went like "oh, it's too close to Desucon so I can't be bothered" and then it left my brain completely, without a second thought. Now that it turned out that I didn't attend Desucon this year Kummacon suddenly turned a lot more interesting!
Sure that it's a one-day event but it's in Oulu (aka close, "only" ~100 km away), in the now familiar Valve building and my awesome aunt has informed that it's possible to stay at her place and BOOM – Kummacon, here I come!

I'm curious about Kummacon (lit. "weird con") because it's a new con that will be arranged for the first time this year – I'm always happy to see new geeky events sprouting in the north!
It's a mixed popular culture con so yep, there's the usual anime & manga and cosplay of course, but also board games, literature (Harry Potter books etc), television series & movies, comics and so on.
Kummacon welcomes both Japanese pop culture along with western fandoms, in other words – there's even space for zombie fans and other fabulous weirdos! ;)

But yeah, now to the cosplay plans!

At first I thought that I'd just do some random fancy non-cosplay outfit but, the more I thought about it the more I started feeling like I wanted to cosplay, after all. Been having a lot of on an off cosplay feelings lately. A quick thought about possible cosplay candidates (recycle edition) first ended up with Battousai version Kenshin, mainly because it was pretty long since I last cosplayed him, aka summer 2013, oops. But then I thought that Kenshin might be a bit too cumbersome to wear because I'm planning to attend panels (if I laugh the scar might start to peel off etc) and well, taking the swords off and putting them back in place several times seemed like a hassle I wasn't too keen on.
So yeah, I wanted something without props.. and preferably something new; something that I was currently into and that would be extra fun to cosplay. I've lately kinda been in a "cosplay rut", as if some of the excitement just wore off and I'm trying to find the fun again, idk? Because of this I wanted something fresh and new to wear – something that I'm currently hyped about and into; maybe it would help with getting the cosplay mood back on track...?

And what could that new and exciting series be?
TOUKEN RANBU, of course. ♡

Character: Yamato no Kami Yasusada (uchiban version)
Series: Touken Ranbu
Yep, so this will be my debut into Touken Ranbu cosplay land!
I've been so into this shit ever since I first heard about it! I just love so many of the character designs to no end – perfect cosplay fodder for me lol; it's never gonna end. x) Yamato no Kami Yasusada is one of the favorites and was so from the very first time I saw him; he's just too cute haha. What makes him even more awesome to me is the fact that he is one of Souji Okita's swords – one of my favorite historical persons, yes please!

Nothing more to add.
A summary about Kummacon will follow after the con is over! Stay tuned!

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