June 5, 2015

Touken Ranbu uchiban cosplays, bits & pieces!

Hi there!

I've slowly started gathering stuff for some Touken Ranbu cosplays! Yes, I'm seriously in love with this online game (even though I haven't actually played it yet; blame shitty internet and a crashy laptop for that) and all the gorgeous character designs! There's way too many cool characters that I want to cosplay and so many are totally the style that I tend to gravitate towards when choosing cosplays anyway, agjhdfsjhahkj! ;w; I just... can't... stop... having horrible cosplay cravings towards Touken Ranbu, hnng!

Okay so, I've gone ahead and bought fabric for Mikazuki Munechika's uchiban (casual) outfit, namely for the yellow headband thingy. I've also bought fabric for the tasuki sleeve cord that both Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamato no Kami Yasusada have on their uchiban outfits as well. If anyone wonders what a tasuki is for it's to tie up the kimono sleeves so that they aren't in the way.

I started making the sleeve tying.. well, tie, first. I took no progress photos because it's simple as hell.
I had bought like 26 cm of a 150 cm wide fabric and I cut it in half so that I got two 150 cm long strips. I then just zigzaged the edges, sewed one end of each piece together to get one 3 m long piece. Then I just folded it in half, ironed and sew the whole shebang closed. When done I ironed the whole shit once more so that it wouldn't twist itself like a retarded sausage, which it did before ironing.
The annoying thing was that even though this was a super simple thing to do I had ridiculous problems with the sewing machine I was using in school. I was using the oldest one and well, last time I used it it was kind to me but now... lolnoep. I had the needle breaking once, the thread getting pulled and snapping off in the middle of sewing God knows how many times and that's not even all! When I put the new sewing needle in place it literally just fell off (even though I had screwed it in place) and IT FELL INSIDE THE GODDAMN SEWING MACHINE. Yep, right through that tiny little hole under the presser. I was like "are you kidding me? ._." but nope, there it went and there it stayed! I even tried to lift the whole sewing machine (with the metal part removed, so that all the dust inside stared at me) and shake it, upside down, but the only thing that came out was an older already broken needle. Fudge muffins.

Finished tasuki being worn.
Seen from the back. Mirror photo, it's reversed!
I did cut the tasuki shorter by one meter before I took the photos; I realized when doing a test-run that there was way too much length to it and I couldn't hide it nicely.
I know that on the official art neither Kashuu nor Yamato seems to have a visible knot in the front but hey, that's the only way I know how to tie the tasuki so that's how I rolled. So far I haven't found an official illustration showing what the back looks like so yeah, if the knot is actually in the back on either of them I'll figure out how it's tied and do it that way in the future. :)

Next I made Mikazuki's headband thingy.
Nothing special to say about this quick project either, except that I used fake leather for the emblem (that I stitched on) instead of fabric paint; the main reason for this because I had scrap pieces of fake leather lying around after making Kojirou's tekkou and well, I couldn't find the black fabric paint anywhere (if I even had any) and the school didn't have any either and well, I'm cheap.

Emblem leather cut-outs placed on the fabric, before being sewed on.
Enjoy the cellphone quality! :'D
Annoying thing was when I was done with the whole shit and held it up to look at it. Yep, that's totally when I saw that one damn loose thread was INSIDE THE FINISHED THING; I had somehow missed to brush it off like the rest. Hnggnhejgfdhjhd!!

You see that fucker? ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ
Yep, I had "inside problems" this turn around. OTL Sewing needle falling inside the sewing machine and loose thread inside my completed headband, geez...
Oh well, with the help of some mad ninja skills I managed to move the thread to the very edge of the headband so that it disappeared from view. Mad ninja skills include poking a needle through a spot before were I started stitching (to avoid having to undo the sewing) and moving the needle around repeatedly until the thread moved along with it. :'D enjoymyclumsyexplanations.com

Tried it on my head. Excuse my face, I have zero makeup on...
Yep, that's my Mikazuki wig which recently arrived; I just took it straight out of the bag and put it on my head. I will need to style it later – this is just a quickie to see how it fit with the headband.
At one point I was seriously worried that the headband would be too short to actually be possible to tie, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Even with the wig on it's still okay!

Actually my Yamato no Kami Yasusada wig arrived together with the Mikazuki wig and yep, this is totally why I'm actually wearing Yamato's outfit on the Mikazuki headband pic and the other pics. ;)
I did a super quick outfit test (aka zero makeup) to see what it would look like; I already had everything needed for his uchiban outfit now that the wig showed up, woop!

Sorry about my weird expression and that it's a mirror photo, I
was home alone. Enjoy the Wario cap in the background.
I took the wig straight out of the bag and put it on.
The white hair ribbon I have yet to add...
I guess this would count as some kind of closet cosplay because I had the hakama already from earlier cosplays (Kenshin & Hakuouki's Hijikata) and the kimono is from my vintage collection, aka my kimono kitsuke hobby. x) The scarf I stole borrowed from Hasakitsuki. Only the wig I needed to order and well, the tasuki I made. No shit, Sherlock.

Psst, I have a wig for Kashuu as well that arrived recently! I just might need to cut and style it a bit and, of course, add the white hair tie. But I'll save that for another post!

That's all for this time! Bub-bai ~

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