April 6, 2015

RuroKen Souji Okita solo photos!

 Hello hello!

Aaaand here comes finally the remaining photos from the pre-Tracon 2014 photoshoot I had with Anniilaugh, yes! This time the photos are featuring only me as Okita from Rurouni Kenshin's Tsuiokuhen OVA, also known as Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal.
The duo photos can be found in this one earlier post, check it out if you missed it! ;)

I played around with my editing program and added some blood/dirt effects here and there; first time I did it but it was pretty fun!
We didn't mess around with fake blood during the actual photoshoot save for the 'damage' on the face because it would have been a bit hard for me to wash my cosplay afterwards, especially seeing how far away from Tampere I live. :'( I just didn't want to risk staining my cosplay for good because there was no washing machine available and well, having a bloody cosplay all day in a crammed suitcase on the train didn't sound like a very good idea...

Cosplayer: Shiro Samurai (Souji Okita)
Photographer: Hasakitsuki
Photo editor: Shiro Samurai

Anniilaugh helped out with the photo editing on this one, thanks!

Aaah, I'm getting all the RuroKen feels...! Now I want to style my wig for my Kenshin cosplay that is to be debuted this summer... and I still haven't watched the live-action movies because of crappy internet, shame on me!

Not so much more to say, hope ya like it! :D
See ya! ~


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Okita plz... ;A;
I like the third pic best, it gave me the feels. <3 The editing looks good as well, nice job!
Oh and I love your face on the second pic, your look is perfect. <3

Depisu said...

omg, These are so cool, i can't even. D:

Hiromi Endo said...

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