August 3, 2014

IMMAH HOERRRSSSS preview & Partykungen review!


Okay, remember that surprise horse-related non-cosplay outfit that I will rock at Oulun Animeseminaari? Well, I kind of said that I'd do some sort of photoshoot preview earlier, so now I will spoil the surprise reveal it for you! FOR YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU ~

 Teaser pic!

You see, I ordered something from a Swedish online store called Partykungen. My order was shipped out fast and arrived a few days later; if you prefer it more detailed I ordered on 12th July and it arrived on 15th. This was an order within Sweden though, but they do offer shipment to Finland and Denmark as well! For some weird reason Norway is left out.

My ordered items arrived in a handy plastic bag.. bag. I assume if you order something more fragile you will also receive a more sturdy looking package. I didn't have anything that would break easily in mine; actually my stuff is basically unbreakable lol. The bag handles were appreciated because I was biking back home with this thing so it made the home ride nice and problem-free. Oh, and the service and all that jazz was fine with the site, I had no problems.

My order came in like this. I'm happy.
So, what was in the bag you wonder? 
Well, remember the horse head pic on the cosplay plans post? It was a huge clue.

*epic drumroll*

Model: Shiro Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

Can I help?
Come with me and we shall rule the world together...
I know karate, kung fu and many other Chinese words!
I'm fabulous and I know it.
I must say that the horse mask is quite hot/sweaty to wear (especially in warm weather) because it's rubber. My breathing also gets a bit restricted because of the limited air holes in the mask (nostrils and open mouth) and you don't see very well; I recommend you take it off if you need to walk up/down stairs, uneven surfaces and such or that you have someone to guide you. You have no side vision at all so at least personally I think it's better to have someone help you around in crowded places and such so that you don't bump into people all the time. Except for the vision and slight breathing limits it's a nice mask to wear, definitely lots of fun and laugh inducing! The quality is nice and it fits me well, even though seemingly I have a pretty big head.
Oh, and I must mention that when we went to photoshoot there was an older couple I assume outside who saw us when they looked up and at least the man cracked up heartily when I stroke some fabulous poses. xD

 But yeah, that's how I'll look at Animeseminaari one of the days! See you there!

You thought that was all? Hell no! :-DD
 (also known as: I can't dance to save my life, but at least I tried)

Fab horse dance!
Now I'm outta here!


Sipsinekku said...

voi miksi... :'DDDD

FankiKitsune said...

I so wanna steal your clothes. o.o You can keep the horse's head but dat vest looks so nice ;^; I little bit disappointed that there wasn't any "LOOK AT MY HOOOOORSE"-pic or gif! >8C

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

Vittu mitä paskaa! Hajosin tuolle gifille! Älä tee tätä uudestaan tää on vaarallista :,D

Shiro Samurai said...

I friggin' love that vest. <3
Well, I had thought about doing something with it but I kind of forgot. Oh well, someday... xD

CissyDella said...

X''DD oh my god, I must see this! I'm totally cracking up here XD

erika_92 said...

Dagens lol!

(Norge är ej med i EU)

erika_92 said...

Justja, skulle ju fråga: vem cosplayade du i 2009?
(Cosplaytimelineinlägg önskas höhö)

Shiro Samurai said...

Ingen. xD Jag började sy min första cosplay i november 2009 men den blev inte klar förrän 2010 höhöh.
Jo jag har faktiskt tänkt på att göra en slags timeline post, samt egna posts för gamla dräkter då jag faktiskt har lite progress bilder på vissa! Kul att se att det finns intresse! <3 Får laga ihop en när jag har tid (aka när det inte är konventsäsong och jag har tusen andra posts att skriva). :)