May 22, 2018

Lens review: TheDollyEye Pop C Light Brown


Here we go again, lens review time! Today it's Pop C Light Brown on the plate from TheDollyEye (often spelled just DollyEye) and without further ado, let's go!

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 55%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

I bought these a very long time ago because they were on sale. These wouldn't normally have been my first choice but who can resist super cheap lenses? x) 

I feel like the design is pretty basic, it looks similar to the GEO Angel series and other classical circle lens design that you stumble upon everywhere. What these do have to their defense though is a hyper black limbal ring which really nets you those big dolly eyes. They're really cute-looking when worn and provide a youthful, innocent look.

One lens in. Notice size difference!
My natural eye color is a light blue-gray and I must admit that I believe these lenses would look much better on dark eyes – I feel like the brown color, because of its transparency and light pigmentation, kinda gets "lost" on my eyes. It's not an ugly color but it's disappointing (especially when compared with how nice the blue pair looked on me) and because of how muddled it looks it's actually quite hard to distinguish what the color is supposed to be, especially when seen from a distance.

Lens photos below!
All photos taken by me during a May morning with a clear sky. Close-up photos are all free from color filters etc and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible. 

Natural room light.
Yellow room light.
Flash photo.
Dark (unlit) corridor. Natural light in the distance.
Bathroom light.
Facing window.
Outdoors, back against sun.
Outdoors, facing sun.
Comfort is.. okay-ish I think? Bear in mind I have really sensitive and dry eyes but yeah, these feel nice and fresh upon insertion but I experienced some dry bouts on and off, along with some short-lived stinginess a couple times. Two hours in I noticed that my vision was getting a bit blurred from the lenses but it didn't hinder me from doing daily tasks. I would estimate the wearing time for anything between 2-4 hours, which is pretty okay in my current standards as my eyes have been dry douchebags for a while now.

I guess these lenses would be fine if you're looking for this kind of really, err, diluted some-sort-of-brownish color? But don't get them if you're light eyed and want beautiful, clearly brown eyes as that's probably not what you'll get. Although I must admit they actually look pretty nice in sunlight, hmm...

Distance photo! 

Want to see more of these lenses?
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Short summary:

Color: 3/10
Looks muddled and sort of indistinguishable as brown. Probably nicer on dark eyes...
Design: 6/10
A pretty ordinary design but at least it's versatile.
Opacity: 4/10

Not so good opacity but could be worse; my real eye color affects the final outcome a lot.
Enlargement: 6/10
Big enough to look weird without eye makeup.
Comfort: 4/10 
Mixed bag. Really comfy for the first hour but then they would feel dry on and off, also blurs my vision past two hours for some reason. A bit stingy on occasion but still wearable overall.
Naturalness: 3/10
The bold black rim kills it but the color isn't too weird.

Thank you for reading, as ever!
Shiro Samurai says bye.

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