April 17, 2016

Hatori Sohma wig

Hello peeps!

Cosvision is really close now and I thought it's about time that I finish Hatori up! I actually have the whole costume ready, save for the wig. Closet cosplay, ssch.
I decided to sacrifice my old Hijikata wig for Hatori since I've bought another pure black wig for Hijikata, to match with the ponytail clip-on. You see, this wig, while it may look black on first glance, is actually a super dark brownish black and it looked horrible with the clip-on because, in some lights, you could clearly see the color difference – it started to annoy me more and more over the years, lol. So yeah, seeing how I'm not using said wig for Hijikata anymore I thought I could give it a new life! I don't like having perfectly usable wigs just lying around and collecting dust...

Wig before cutting. Front and side.
Hatori actually changed his hairstyle slightly in both the anime and in the manga; I couldn't find any manga references on a quick search so I decided to go with anime images since there is no difference, as far as I can remember I'm pretty sure the only notable difference on the manga and anime portrayals is his eye color.
I decided on doing the long-haired (the first version) instead of the short one, mainly because I like it a bit more. The short-haired version somehow looks so generic; I always thought long-haired Hatori was more recognizable in some way.

Hatori with long bangs...
... and with short bangs.
The reason he's covering his left eye is because he's almost blind on said eye. Fuck you, Akito. Hatori is a tragic character and I guess that's why I like him; I tend to prefer the more calm, quiet and kinda cold characters anyway and Hatori totally fits the bill.

Regarding styling the wig I didn't have to do all that much. I mainly shortened the bangs, straightened the sides since they were wavy and cut them shorter as well. I'm aware that the wig is not super accurate but I decided on leaving the sides a bit longer than what he has, mainly because I need something to frame my face because otherwise I look like shit... and then I feel uncomfortable.

Wig after cutting.
I will probably need to put in some more styling products and use some pins to keep certain parts in place but yeah, I'll save that for the con – don't want the styling to wear off before I even get to the hotel, lol. Might need to thin it down a bit too but yeah, we'll see.
Sacchan helped a bit with the cutting too, mainly to get both sides the same length since I have tendencies to fuck that up, haha.

Not so much more to say. I still need to do a preview test for Hatori, oh shit!
Shiro Samurai says see ya later!

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