February 23, 2015

Lens review: Neo Celeb Violet

Hello guys!

It's time again for one more circle lens review and this time it's Neo Celeb Violet on the plate, let's go! o/

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Water content: 45%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

These lenses are made by Neo also known as Neo Vision and/or Neo Cosmo, seemingly. But I prefer to just call them Neo!
So these are 2-tone lenses with a diameter of 14.2 mm, if I'm not mistaken. I've read somewhere that Neo only does lenses in the 14.2 mm diameter range good to know!

Okay so, the design of these lenses is pretty basic but it's still really nice. It has a nice black limbal ring and a deep violet shade that is dark but rich in color. On my eyes it shows clearly as violet most of the time, which gives a lot of bonus points because, well, violet lenses tend to kinda disappear or look either gray/black or blue on light eyes. But no fear with these, definitely awesome color coverage!

One lens in, notice enlargement.
In terms of enlargement I don't think that these are big but they are not as small as, say, Beaucon Vibrant Match Blue for example. Enlargement effect is pretty okay in other words I think they are along the size scale that should work for most people without looking creepy/weird. No huge dolly eyes with these but definitely some subtle enlargement!

Here comes the batch of photos! 
All photos taken by me during a cloudy winter afternoon.

Facing the window indoors.
Indoors around the kitchen area...
Indoors in front of the stove, I think... (there's a window close-by)
Flash photo indoors.
Outdoors, half-way turned towards the light.
Outdoors, back against light.
Indoors room light, lamps off.
Indoors room light, lamps on.
Indoors standing next to a corridor.
Indoors somewhere, got a nice blue light...
As far as comfort goes these are ridiculously comfy! The first time I ever wore them for Desucon Frostbite 2015 I popped them in like a charm no itchiness, no crying, nothing! The moment the contacts were in I completely forgot that I was wearing them. I wore them for the whole con day approx. 10 hours and they didn't even start to feel a bit dry until the last hour. I could have worn them even longer if I had needed. All along they were insanely comfortable!
Fun part is that because I didn't have time to test-run these contacts before the event I was really worried if they would be comfortable enough to wear for the whole con day but yeah, these fuckers totally surprised me and for good! Love them!

The second time I wore these I did this review. Because the light isn't working in Jäätynyt Enkeli's bathroom where I did the review I ended up putting the left lens the wrong way into my eye and, well, I didn't notice it until after I had taken all the photos. Aargh! So yeah, all the photos for this review I had to take twice lol. But I still saved one pic on which I had one lens the wrong way just so you can see what it looks like:

The lens on the watcher's right is wrong side out. (the one with less black)
And lastly a photo from a distance!

From a distance (one lens is wrong side on this pic too ._.)
Sorry that I look a bit crappy, I'm still sick and recovering from the con flu. I have a horrible cough but the fever is gone by now. It blows to be sick I had fever for almost a complete week... ugh...

Want to see the Neo Celeb lenses in another color? Check out this review: Green

Short summary:

Color: 8/10
Surprisingly pretty dark violet shade that shows up well and isn't too dark to end up looking black!
Design: 7/10
Simple but nice.
Opacity: 8/10
Great color coverage. I actually didn't think that these would be as covering as they were.
Enlargement: 3/10 

Pretty small enlargement and it's not a bad thing.
Comfort: 10/10 
Ultra comfortable. I don't even feel that I have them on from the very first second I put them in! I wore them 10 hours no problem, didn't even feel dry.
Naturalness: 5/10

Ignore the fact that these are of a dark violet color and have a notable black rim then... sorta.

That'll be it for this time! See ya later!


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Violet suits you. <3
How come you didn't feel that you had the lens on the wrong side? O_o I feel sorry you had to take all pics twice, so bad.
Get well soon! <3

Anzu Jaamu said...

Oh gosh I need to ask if you know of Jojo. I think you'd make an amazing Kakyoin!

Hope you get well soon, by the way!

Shiro Samurai said...

Thanks for the suggestion! :) I've heard of Jojo and honestly, I'm quite curious about checking it out haha! The character looks pretty cool!