February 8, 2015

First Levi makeup test & preview!


Today I decided that it was about time that I did a first makeup test for Levi from Attack on Titan, aka Shingeki no Kyojin. Desucon Frostbite is stressing me up in the corner, SOOOOOOOOOOOON.
Levi is one of my favorites from the series (he's badass!) and one of the main reasons why I wanted to cosplay him was because of the makeup challenge. He has a very distinct look and I wanted to try my hands at achieving this, even though I knew it's not gonna be easy and that it's a challenging character look to achieve.

At first I kept screwing up the eye makeup and I had to redo it, from scratch, two times until I got it to look like something; half the time I had no idea what I was doing lol. Funny thing was that even on the third try I was thinking "ei tästä tuu helvettiäkään.." (lit. 'this won't even turn into hell' in Finnish) but I still kept on and well, when I put on the wig it suddenly looked okay. Dafuq!
It feels so weird to cosplay Levi though, I'm used to Jäätynyt Enkeli being Levi, ha ha ha...

But without much further talk, let's get to the pictures!

// EDIT: I am aware that I got a lot of shit for this makeup because it was posted in a godforsaken place on the internet. It is disgusting how humans can act towards one another as soon as they are granted anonymity. But whatever, I just wanted to say that I stress that it is a FIRST TRY for a reason and if you're so stuck-up on not seeing past the fact that everyone starts somewhere (and improves along the way) then please take your shit elsewhere and have a good day. Cosplay is a hobby for most of us and I do it for my own enjoyment, no more and no less. //

I was trying for a dark and almost gothic, surrealistic look instead of the more usual "natural" look that some Attack on Titan cosplayers seem to do. I like experimenting and doing things differently and even though it's not always a blasting success it is definitely always a learning experience if we are too afraid to try new things then we don't learn. Doing makeup is not my strong point, but I won't learn unless I'm too afraid of trying.

I do know that it's still messy and all but I'm currently looking for new makeup brushes, more colors to shade with etc. I also have issues with finding light enough products/shades that go with my very pale skin. I'm not making excuses for myself but it is the truth that I am very unlucky with finding what I need (come and live in the middle of nowhere too with shitty internet connection and you'll understand my pain) and I really don't have spending money to throw on stuff that won't even necessarily work for me; last time I had an income was last year before summer vacation started. Beat that.

Regarding what makeup I used I mostly just used some brown for shadows and black gel eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner for the eye area. Yeah, most of the "eyeliner" is actually eyeshadow and it was applied with an angled brush, hence why it's not very clean-looking. I didn't even have primer at hand.
But all in all it was a fun to try to get the Levi look down I had to keep my face as neutral/emotionless as possible. Levi just doesn't show a lot of different expressions so I better not be pulling faces either...

Oh, and I'm not wearing contact lenses this time; I didn't have any gray ones (I barely have gray ones to begin with, ffuu) that were good enough and since my natural eye color is blue-gray it was fine to go without. I'll probably add gray contacts later for this cosplay though..

I don't have much more to say... but I have extra material to share!

B-b-b-bonus pic!

"Heichou, you have a potato in your pocket... can I have it??"
Sasha Blouse by Hasakitsuki.
Bye bye. Shiro Samurai out.


Sipsinekku said...

When I saw the first picture I first thought of Dracula for some reason xDDD

Anonymous said...

Sinulla on ehkä liian turhan sotkuiset meikit. En halua sanoa pahalla, mutta kannattaa harjoitella. Nyt kajalisi eivät ole siistit vaan näyttävät sotkuisilta kuin olisit sateessa kävellyt.

Shiro Samurai said...

Olen tietoinen siitä että meikkini ei oo mitään siisteintä ikinä, tähän oli vaan first-time kokeilu ja multa nyt muutenki puuttuu meikkivälineitä että saisin tehtyä paremman lopputuloksen. :)
Tässä harjoittelen meikkaamista ja yritän etsiä infoa netin syövereistä mitä parannella ja miten. Tällä hetkellä teen meikkini "I do what I can with what I have" menetelmällä kunnes saan rahaa jostain ja ostan paremmat välineet ja meikit. Harjoitus tekee mestarin.

Ja vaikka olen cosplayta harrastanut muutamia vuosia niin varsin meikkaaminen on jäänyt vähäksi ku en meikkanut ollenkaan ennen cosplayta ja sen alussa - kaiken jouduin oppimaan ite. :P Ei se helppoa ollut ja opin vieläki joka päivä uutta!

Anonymous said...

They're taking about you on /cgl/ :<