July 11, 2012

PARTY TIME!! (aka Masamune preview)

My eyepatch stopped smelling glue so today when I woke up I decided to put everything on and take some preview photos before the coming debut at Animecon. I also needed to check that everything worked as I wanted it to. Oh well, enough blabbering, here's photos!

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (obviously, duh :-DD)
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Ignore my Uppcon wrist (ticket) band... I don't want to take it off because this year's Uppcon was the last in history and well, Uppcon 2010 was the first (proper) con I attended and cosplayed at so yeah... ;_;

Bonus pic!
"Fuck these mosquitos..."
(one tried to eat my face and I slapped it. lol)
 And some background info why I did kimono!Masamune:
I needed something very simple because I wanted to cosplay from Basara already this year (cosplay group!) but I have had a lack of time making cosplays since Desucon because I've been away from home for almost a month + Uppcon. So yeah, this means that this cosplay is mostly not made by me. White kimono is commissioned by my friend Hasakitsuki's mom and the inner gi is from Kendoshop. The hakama are my kendo hakama.. yay multi-use! Eyepatch made by me. Sword borrowed from my twin.

I noticed a few things while wearing this cosplay: I will need to reinforce the eyepatch with Jesus tape (duct tape) because even Karlssons klister can't seem to hold the elastic in place at the back without the sides starting to peel off.. oh well, I guess it's because the eyepatch bends a bit when worn.. human faces aren't flat. lol I also need to try to keep my covered eye closed because it's annoying to get my eyelashes almost touching my eye when I blink and also moving the eyepatch around... otherwise it's all fine and dandy.

Awaiting Animecoooooooonnnnnnn ~~~~ <3


Jäärä said...

aaaa Masamuneeee!!! Matsu tulee hakkaamaan harjalla XDDD

Ri-chan said...

Yay~ Kätevää, ku on kaapissa valmiina puolet cossin vaatteista. xD

Mä huomasin, ku ekoja kertoja cossasin Kiraa, et mä aloin jotenki automaattisesti pitää sitä hiusten peitossa olevaa silmää kiinni,vaikkei oikeestaan ois tarvinnu.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Se khyl on kätevää. xD

Et ole kertonut tota! Jännää! Yritän sit pitää sitä silmää kiinni. Huomasin myös että oli vähän hankalaa tehä eri ilmeitä koska jos toinen silmä tekee niin sit toinenki ja derp koska silmälappu blokkaa ne liikkeet ja lähtee itse liikkeelle. XD lol

Angie Cross said...

Asså åååååh du ser så jävla cool ut! :'33 remnids me somehow of...Ichito and yea..uhm Date in Brave 10 (with the eye-patch thingy,lolol. xD )