July 9, 2012

Masamune's eyepatch

I've been away from home, as you might have figured already, but now I'm back and thus this blog is brought back to life again with the most recent cosplay updates. So Animecon (Kuopio, Finland) is soon around the corner and the only thing keeping my cosplays from being 100% ready for the con is Masamune's eyepatch. Well, I was bored today so I decided to make it and get it out of the way ~

First of all I needed a reference. I had already saved myself a good screenshot from the anime so I could start working ASAP.

hurr hurr
But before I could start working I needed to climb to our attic where mom currently stores all her leftover fabric and sewing supplies. I remembered yesterday I had asked about black elastic and she had said there should be lots of it in different sizes visible as soon as you get up there. So yeah, I dragged my ass up there and when I was up I noticed a cardboard box lying on the floor. I opened it and was flooded with lots of zippers. Yeah. But because I didn't see anything else that could hold elastic bands in it I dug deeper into the box and then I saw a whole roll of white elastic. "Cool, but not the right color.." I thought. Dug some more and found a black one... and another... and another... and then I probably looked like this:

I went back inside á la herpy derp and could start working. I took with me two rolls because I wasn't sure which width I preferred. I ended up using the wider one.

Mom I love you. <3 lol
Cut off a fitting length
Now I will just show photos of the rest of the progress because I'm lazy ~ 
and my twin wants to play Mario Party 4 with me lol

I made a (fail) test version first to check size...

... and then started making the real one. (craft foam)
Some trimmings later...
Cut out a second layer of the same size (lol Masamune secretly likes Sweden...)
I started painting 'em black... dries so slow...
Three coats of paint, black fingers and some glue later I had made myself this:

I did do a quick try-on.. but soon found myself getting high on glue fumes and my eye twitching. So yeah, need to let it dry completely before I go take preview photos trolololo ~


Angie Cross said...

Hmm looks decent! xD HAHAH aww you glued your eye eh? lolol

Valkoinen Samurai said...

lol nope. ._. It just smelled... because Karlssons klister has a strong smell and I glued that elastic to the backside.

Jäärä said...

Yey nyt sä voit kulkee taas silmäpuolena XD

Psycho Cat said...

Looking nice, need to chek the guy up a bit to see who he is ^____^