July 23, 2012

In which I happily wore a "skirt" + Närcon closing in!

Sweet Jesus.. tomorrow evening me and my twin will start our journey down to Närcon. 20 hours of bus and train awaits us to get to the southern part of Sweden.. aka Linköping. We haven't even started to pack our stuff aghkfsgk!

Today on the morning my mom and twin went to town and because I woke up late I didn't go with them. I stayed home, hung the laundry to dry outside and then decided to do a Kondou WIP because I have everything ready, except the wig. I wanted to test my vintage brown hakama with the kimono to see if I preferred to do the anime version (dark brown hakama) or game version (dark blue hakama) after all.

Anime version of Kondou
(NOTE: I will wear the shinsengumi haori instead of his black haori)
I tried on the brown hakama first (because I already know what my kendo hakama feels like when worn. lol) and immediately declared that "Fuck yeah, brown it is!". It felt chill to not have to lift the kimono's hem into the obi like I do when I wear umanori (split-legged) hakama with full-length kimonos. For the first time in my life I friggin' loved wearing what technically was a skirt. BADAMTSSH, BLASPHEMY!
So yeah, here's some quick wigless!Kondou photos for you.. because I'm too lazy to censor my face. lol And I'm too lazy to put on tabi too.. even though Kondou doesn't even wear socks. lol Not to mention I totally forgot my swords...

Oh well, back to the other thing I needed to inform. Houston, we have a problem.
I might be more or less forced to change my Närcon cosplay plans last minute. I can't tell until tomorrow and then it'll probably going to be too stressy for me to write a blog post about whatever I finally decided to do. So the thing is, I might not get my Kondou wig on time. It was posted on Saturday and as we all know the post doesn't move on weekends and well, I'm leaving Tuesday evening and post delivery takes (at least according to the post of Finland's site) with 1st class mail one day. So if it goes out on Monday I might get it on Tuesday before I leave, if I'm lucky and the post doesn't slack. But it's gonna be very last minute as I said.. and with my crappy luck it's probably gonna be here on Wednesday when I'm already in Linköping. :'DDDD Hohohohoho.. not.
Well well, in case I don't get the wig on time (and don't have time to report it before I have to leave) I will write my Plan B here, just in case. If I don't get my wig in time for Kondou he will be postponed for debut at Tracon in Finland instead, if I can go there which I have planned and really really want. To Närcon I will then be Hajime Saitou on both Thursday and Friday instead. And now I'll go back hoping I'll get the wig before I leave, however puny the odds might feel right now, because hey - here's hoping because I want to cosplay Kondou.


Zkitsune said...

Oh man, I hope you get your Kondou wig in time.
That brown andon hakama looks really good. >8D

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thanks! I hope no one is gonna bitch on me about having andon hakama.. I have a memory that in the anime at one scene it looked like Kondou had umanori hakama so yeah. XD Oh well, probably most people are just going to look at me like "yeh, hakama" and not think more what type of hakama it is. trolol ~

I hope too, but even if I don't Kondou sure as hell will be at Tracon! >8D (if I can go there!!)

Psycho Cat said...

I hope you get the wig in time also it looks good =)

yamachu said...

I have my fingers crossed for you, we sure know how slow the post can be sometimes... ;___;
Either way, your Kondou looks really nice, can't wait to see it in Tracon >8DD SHISHISHISHSISHI

Jäärä said...

Kondoulle vaan joku ranmon peruukkipäähän >8D
toivottavasti se peruuki tulee ajoissa, ettei sen takia suunnitelmat muutu! Pidetään peukkuja!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thanks, I hope so too.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yeah, I know...
Thanks a lot! I just wish I can go to Tracon because it seems like my mom does not approve.. at least not currently. OTL

Valkoinen Samurai said...

NOOOOOOO ei random peruukkeja! xD Mulla ei oo mitään muuta peruukkia mikä edes olis jotenkuten kelpava Kondoulle... omat hiukset jos piikitän niin paras mahdollisuus, mutta silti surkee koska ei tulis tupsua. lol

Pidetään peukkuja!