June 2, 2012

Ultimate kimono making update

So today when I woke up I started sewing and I sewed and I sewed and I sewed... and then I ate dinner and then I sewed some more. It took me the whole day to make Ichito's kimono; I'm finally done and I'm so happy I managed to get it done in one day.. but I'm not so happy about the fact that my back now hurts as fuck from all that sitting and bending forward when sewing...

Note! This is not authentic but it looks okay for cosplay purposes! (also the sleeves are male style)

I'm tired so I will not explain every single thing I did, pictures will have to do for most of the how-to's today. Oh, and the first two photos were taken a few days ago and I have no pictures of the first cut out fabric step, not like there was anything to show because it was just rectangles anyway...

Panel cut out and ironed in the middle (shoulder part)
Sketching neckline cut ideas on fabric
Neckline cut out...
... and also backside sewn together
Ironed shoulder part again to make life easier before attaching sleeves
Pinning sleeves in place (ironed sleeves too and aligned shoulder and middle seam folds)
Sleeves attached, testing it on
... and this is why. FFFFFFUUUUU Mega wrinkle derpherp durr
(had to redo it three times before it was not-that-bad)
Armpit sewing, third and final try (still wrinkle-ish on right side but didn't bother to fix it...)
Sleeve 'bottoms' and side seams closed
Folding in and pinning sleeve openings
Sewing sleeve hems...
Looked like this. Need to fold in sleeve opening once more...
Finished sleeve opening
Spread out kimono panels and took a look... what is this I don't even
Cut the shit straight
Cut out okumi panels (used double fabric) and ironed them
Ironed side seams and back seam open (looks better!)
Attached okumi panels
Cut out and ironed collar pieces
Sewed collar pieces together at one end to get one long piece
Zigzaged okumi panel ends before attaching collar (collar also zigzaged around the edges)
Pinning collar in place before sewing it on
Folded in end of collar and okumi panel and hemmed them
Finished kimono, trying it on
Showing sleeves
Kimono laid flat on my bed lol my feet can be seen (sorry bad lighting, it was late)
Sorry for the lack of detailed explanations and that I didn't show photos of every step.. but I guess it's easy to follow anyway. *shrugs* Oh, and I made it shorter for ease of wearing with hakama.

That's it for today and tomorrow my plan is to make Okita's yukata from start to finish afdghsah.

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