June 3, 2012

Modifying Ichito's "jacket" + found last of the fabrics


A few days ago I tried on Ichito's "jacket"-whatever-it-is and noticed that it needs a slight make-over. I needed to cut those front panels into a more triangular shape because I noticed just hiking them up didn't do it. I also needed to take in the back of the garment because it was too big.

Notice triangular pointy front panels
So what do I do? Cut it.

Before any modifications. Poor thing thought it was con-ready..
Marked cutting line
Test photo after cutting and hemming
Took in the back seam and ironed it..
Folded in front panel sides too and sewed around them
Testing after the operation with a substitute sash (blue kimono under)
Back side (näytän niin mursulta! :'D)
I think it'll have to do, I can't take in so much more from the back part closest to the collar.. so it's bigger up and narrows slowly the farther down it gets.

I also helped mom moving her former fabric store's leftover fabrics (those that had been stored in big black bags in the old storage house) to our attic and I found some fabrics I can use for Ichito's obi and shoe covers. Yay, free fabric once again. <3

That rib knit fabric just doesn't want to photograph its real color... it's closer to an army green...
When mom is done outside she'll help me cut out the fabric for Okita's yukata so I can start sewing it. There will very likely be another blog post about it later today.

Until then, see ya!


Jäärä said...

ei saa hajota näin pahasti tolle derp naamalle XDDD Hyvältä näyttää KAASUA niin saat valmiiksi kaikki ennen desua 8D

Psycho Cat said...

It look so good and really well made, i am a bit jealous of you know it will be a very good cosplay. Also yay for free stuff =D

Frozen Angel said...

Looks awesome sauce! Me want seeee ~