June 1, 2012

Finally fabric for Okita's yukata!


Mom had promised earlier that we would visit neighbor town Kemi's fabric store on Friday or Saturday so today after she had finished work we went there.. in hope we'd find a suitable fabric for Souji Okita's yukata. I had earlier checked all three fabric stores in my town (well, there's four actually but I didn't bother to check the fourth because they only have curtain fabric etc) and none of them had what I wanted. That particular pale violet is so hard to find... always too dark.
So when we got to that fabric store we went around, checked all fabrics and it started to look dark... until I passed one of these metallic stands with like three baskets with random last meters of fabric from sold-out bolts. I believe. I saw that behind some darker fabrics there was something that looked like it could work. I pulled it out from the basket and mom started to 'finger measure' approximately how many meters it was. She measured it to about 2,5 meters and for a moment we thought if it would be enough.. think so. But then came the other problem: it isn't so thick and probably won't fall as prettily as my other kimonos and I might have to line it... even though yukatas are always unlined originally.
Oh well, I figured it would probably be the best find I could manage in this short time frame (under one week to make the yukata + Ichito cosplay) so we bought it. It cost around 12 € and was actually closer to 2,8 meters. Yay.

Fabric and... red... drink..
Before we went home mom got a sudden "Let's go to Kemi's Lidl before we go home!" whim when it appeared in front of us and I was all "lol, okay sure". We normally pretty much never go to Lidl nowadays.. used to go quite a bit many years ago though.
When we were walking by that milk and juice part of the store I looked up and almost stopped. I saw this very red blood orange juice that screamed ochimizu to me... so I looked at mom and went "mom I need that juice for a cosplay. I need to put it in my glass bottle and take it to the con... yes, the con next weekend..". She probably thought for a second "the fuck" even though I had already mentioned looking for some kind of red liquid for a costume... oh well, she said I could use it as my 'train drink' too so she bought it. Rasetsu-time in the train trololo... ~ For a moment I loved Lidl. x'D

That's all, bye!


Jäärä said...

näyttää uhkaavasti siltä että Chizuru varastaa conissa pullon ja hörppii ite sen mehun sieltä turpaansa~ \o/ and nobody can say a shit about it *trollface*

hienoa että kangas löytyi! nyt vaan tekemään!

Zkitsune said...

Oih, vihdoin löysit Okitan yukataan kangasta.
Ja toivottavasti on hyvänmakuista toi Lidlin mehu xD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Et kuule hörpi. xD

Äkkiä tekemään! Pitäis saada mahdollisimman paljon valmiiks tänä viikonloppuna.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Juu, olin niin iloinen ku löysin!
Se on varmaan jotain myrkkyy.. saa kauheen kohtauksen... xD;