September 6, 2015

Photoshoot: Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th series!

Hello guys!

Before Närcon this year I asked around online if some cosplayers were interested in having a free photoshoot with me; I'm currently trying to improve my (newbie) photography skills and, because of this, I'm offering free photoshoots so that I'd get both the experience and some portfolio examples for the future of different photos I've taken. :) I got some response pre-Närcon but most fell through in the end, mainly because of bad weather but also a few because of no contact. One of the guys I did get a hold of during the con was Stefan, aka Bygg Cosplay, who actively kept in touch with me both before and after the photoshoot he even called me while I was eating at McDonald's close to midnight before the con, that's saying a lot about how much he wanted the photoshoot. xD
Stefan cosplayed the shady Jason Voorhess and we had decided already in advance to wait for nightfall before I took the camera in hand. Shooting at night didn't come without difficulties though, but we managed by being creative and looking for light sources that we could use.
We took a few photos the following morning too, but the main part of our photoshoot was on the first night.

I must admit that I'm normally not a fan of scary/horror movies and games etc but I still had a blast photoshooting Stefan as Jason. He was kind, easy to work with and even suggested what kind of photos he wanted – which helped me a lot because I had no prior knowledge of his character.
It was a great learning experience to figure out how to get a creepy touch to the photos etc and I definitely enjoyed it! Sometimes it's good to go a bit outside your usual comfort zone just to learn something new and open up yourself for more possibilities and variety! Thank you Stefan!

So now –with Halloween slowly creeping closer– I present to you my second part of the hey-I'm-doing-cosplay-photography-as-well series! Enjoy!
The first part of my photoshooting journey you can see here ~

Cosplayer: Bygg Cosplay
Photographer & photo editor: Shiro Samurai

I'm sorry I don't know the name of the first guy who volunteered to be "Jason's victim". :( The second guy who's being strangled on the daytime photos is Hjallecalibur.

I would really appreciate to hear if you folks out there would like me to keep up with these kind of cosplay photography posts? Is it something you want to see on my blog in the future as well?

Thanks for viewing! ^_^
Shiro Samurai says bye bye ~

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