September 7, 2015

[Sponsored] Lens review: TheDollyEye Lathae BD20 Blue

Hello everybody! ~

I have a new circle lens review up in store today! ^_^
It's time to review the TheDollyEye Lathae BD20 Blue lenses! This pair was sponsored by the ever-so-lovely LensVillage, be sure to check them out – they're one of my favorite lens stores online and they have a wide array of circle lenses to choose from! ♡ 

My reviews are always 100% my honest opinion.

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Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

This might sound silly but ever since the first time I saw the Lathae series I dubbed them the "fish lenses", hahah. The reason for this is because every time I look at the design of the lenses I always think that it looks like there's small fishes drawn in that are swimming around the lens. x) Or it's just my imagination powered by my love for fishes...

LensVillage sends their shipments in those plastic Flexipack bags, by the way. The lenses are always wrapped safely in foam and for every lens you buy you get a free lens case with your purchase. This time I got an animal lens case but I've gotten other types of cases too. :) With every order you also get one of those social media contact/business cards with; the card currently advertises for the Instagram selfie contest but on the back there's also a discount code for returning customers. ^_^ Don't throw it away, it's useful!

This is what came in the mail!
Okay so, as per usual, I put the lenses to soak for the recommended time before wearing them.

The first time I wore these they went on without any big problems. Once they settled into my eyes I didn't feel them much. I wore them for 3,5 hours while playing video games non-stop, aka staring at a screen; at times the lenses would irritate my eyes and twice or so my eyes got watery. The lenses occasionally stung a little and after around 2 hours I considered taking them off, but as soon as I went to the bathroom they miraculously felt good again. These lenses seem kinda random when it comes to comfort! Sometimes they will irritate my eyes or do the whole "temporarily dry lens feeling" but then, out of nowhere, it would just switch over to me barely noticing the lenses for the next 30 minutes.

One lens in, notice enlargement.
It's a bit hard to see on the photo but my real eye color is a light blue-gray with a greenish tint.
But seriously, these lenses are gorgeous! owo I remember having wanted to try the Lathae series for a while and it feels great to finally get to do it! I was expecting them to look amazing and they surely do! When worn the lens design looks a bit like a swirl and it's so cool ~
The blue color is amazing too! It appears as a nice medium to darkish blue, depending on the light, and it's wonderful. *_* Oh, and the enlargement effect is great too! These lenses actually appear a bit bigger than what I first thought they would.

Lens photos ahead!
All photos are taken by me, during a September evening with a semi-cloudy sky. There's no color filters or such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Facing the window in my apartment. (always sunside)
Apartment room light, natural. (lamps off)
Flash photo indoors.
Bathroom light.
Bathroom light again.
White corridor light.
Yellow staircase light.
Outdoors, facing the wall. (back against sun)
Outdoors sitting under the roof's shadow, facing the sun.
Outdoors facing the sun directly.
Outdoors facing the building's corner. (back against sun)
Facing the little window on the door leading outside (staircase).
The second time I wore these lenses they were comfortable for the first hour and then I started feeling them in my eyes and the dry feeling kept going on and off. I wore the lenses for about three hours this time, but I could have worn them for maybe one hour more or so. Eyedrops are your friend with these if you plan to wear them for a longer period!
In other words – comfort is not the best ever (at least for me), but they are wearable.

I'm finding myself really liking the Lathae Blue and I would recommend lovers of blue circle lenses to give them a try! These should work wonders for cosplayers and others who like to use colored lenses to enhance their looks!

Lastly a couple distance photos!

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Psst, discount code "SAMURAI15" saves you 15% OFF on your purchase from LensVillage!

Short summary:

Color: 9/10
I love the blue color, it's one of my favorite blue shades! Looks really good!
Design: 8/10
Amazing pattern that stands out and gives depth to your gaze. Looks almost a bit magical with its swirly "swimming fishes" design, haha.
Opacity: 8/10
I would say that the colored area on these lenses is opaque. Towards the pupil hole it fades off a little.
Enlargement: 6/10
These appear bigger than I thought!
Comfort: 5/10

Comfort seems to be average, although very random. At times the lenses irritate and temporarily feel dry on my eyes and then a bit later it feels like I don't even have contacts on.
Naturalness: 2/10
The print and color are too obvious for these to look realistic but hey, I love these lenses just for that.

That's all! If you have any questions about the lenses just leave a comment ~
Thank you so much, LensVillage! ♡
Shiro Samurai out.


  1. Jäklar vad snyggt, ett par såna lila hade jag velat ha :)

  2. I love that colour, they're great!

  3. I really like these lenses.
    The pattern of the blue is really nice.
    New Post~♥

  4. That wig looks so nice on you! You look so asdfghjkl and cool! :D

  5. The blue looks so nice on you, hehe! Thank you for sharing! ^_^ (Btw I think your natural eye colour is GORGEEEEOUS too)
    Junniku blog! (Korean beauty blog)


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