September 24, 2014

Tracon 2014 – Ryunosuke Ibuki photoshoot!

 Chu chu everyone!

I know, I should have posted this already earlier but I got a bad case of con flu (still do) and so I've been resting and honestly, I couldn't even be bothered to think about editing photos...

But I must mention one thing! During the actual photoshoot at Tracon there was a slight problem.  
You see, my photographer choices weren't the best ever this time the candidates were snot!Levi and I-can't-see-shit!Hinata. Way to go. :-DD Yeah, Jäätynyt Enkeli had a horrible runny nose and Hasakitsuki had contacts that hindered her vision. Hasakitsuki ended up taking all the photos that I decided to use in the end; snot!Levi quit pretty fast because every time he lowered his head something not-so-yummy was about to gain new lands on my camera. xD

But now, photo spam!

Cosplayer & photo editor: Shiro Samurai (Ryunosuke Ibuki)
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

I noticed after I returned home from Tracon that all day I had the string ends on the wrong spot, they should be on the opposite side. >_> I had no references easily available when I dressed on the con's Sunday morning so yeah, small mistakes... *smacks self*
I had the sword (borrowed from Ri-kun, by the way) at first on my right side too, which I didn't even notice until after someone took a photo and I noticed I was drawing it with my left arm. OTL Problems of cosplaying Saitou the previous day you get used to having the swords on the "wrong" side. lol

Oh, and if anyone wonders I'm bending my upper body forward a fair amount on many photos because otherwise there would have been a lot of leaves all over my face.. or I'd headshot a branch. Yeah, it was very limited where I had to stand to even be seen from amidst all the greens. xD Great hiding place.. lol

One thing's for sure though, I plan to modify this cosplay a bit for the next time I wear it out. At Tracon I noticed that the top kimono coat thingy is way too big; I should take it in a bit so that I don't have wrinkles and fabric bulging out all over the place. Also one of the feet cover things had a seam rip at the con too so I need to fix that as well. I'd like to replace that blue string with a more accurate one as well, if I can find it.

But hey, guess what?
Yeah, just that!!

Bonus pic!

Nothing else to say. Shiro Samurai out!
Rurouni Kenshin pre-Tracon photoshoot pictures will still take a while to show up...


FankiKitsune said...

Once again: Why didn't you go and search for me? I had a looooot of free time with my camera. :D You really need my phone number...

Shiro Samurai said...

It didn't cross my mind. xD And I guess if I would have gone to look for you I wouldn't have found you; it felt like there were so many people at Tracon this year. :s
I actually don't even understand how come I still don't have your number... :-DD

FankiKitsune said...

It was just because I wanted to make prank calls and I can't call them if you know it's me. 8D

AutumnFire said...

This seriously looks cool!


Hasaki Tsuki said...

Oh my... what a pretty boy! You look amazing! :'D
I think the eighth pic is my favorite... but it was hard to even think about picking a favorite because all pics are so good! Flawless! :'D
I'm so happy that so many pics turned out to be this good. Thanks for a great photoshoot, you're a super model and you help me learn so much about photography. <3
Love dem angles. :'3

Ukyo Sakamaki said...

Amazing photoshoot! You always make such a badass Ibuki. >:D I especially like the angled close-up shot where you have your hand out with fingers extended. It looks like it would be perfect to include in a cosplay publication magazine. :-D Yes, it's THAT awesome.

Aw man, I hear you on accidentally wearing the sword on the wrong side after having cosplayed Saitou the previous day. xD I've done that mistake before too.