June 24, 2014

Skecon 2014 cosplay plans – Singing samurai and double Okita strikes again!

Hello gais and gurls and everyone inbetween!

Skecon is storming closer with each day and soon it will be time on 4-6 July it'll arrive! I will go there with Hasakitsuki, Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan as my trusty companions and THERE WILL BE DERP. 8DD Khrrm, yeah, of course there will be, hueheuehue..
What is Skecon? You should know by now if you've been reading my blog but I'll say it again because shameless advertisement is key! :'D You see, Skecon is this small but growing super comfy convention held in Skellefteå, Sweden. I've been there ever since Skecon started on 2012 and I plan to continue it this way! The team behind Skecon has earned my respect and they show high ambitions too; they strive to do stuff no one seems to have done in Scandinavian cons before like this year they will have a friggin' Vocaloid concert, wow! I'm so curious about this even though I can't really call myself an avid fan. And there's a bouncy castle too, ermahglerb I feel like a kid again just thinking about it! :'D I can't wait!

But hey, everyone knows that before a con publishing yer cosplay plans is something you do or else you get grilled by a Rathalos so here comes mine! It's samurai time again, in modern and old formats!


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Souji Okita (bedridden yukata, anime version)

Yep, Okita again, because I love him too much mmkay. ;_; <3 And it's a very easy cosplay to wear anyway save for the bit of forever it takes to put on the makeup. Hasakitsuki and Sairu-chan will join me as two different versions of Chizuru (default version and geiko version, respectively) so this time it's the sick guy who gets his harem assistants! I might need help, really. We plan to have a photoshoot and I hope the weather will allow it! I'll bring the haori with me again and will likely end up with blood on my face... ~


Series: Vocaloid
Character: Gakupo Kamui (original kimono version)

Because the Vocaloid concert is on Saturday and everyone in my company agreed on "let's have a Vocaloid cosplay group to match the event of the day!" so of course I'm in! I choose to put together a self-designed original kimono version of Gakupo because he is by far my favorite Vocaloid. Because Gakupo is the Dancing Samurai kimono style outfits fit him like a sword glove in the hand and taking advantage of this is of course in my interests! 8D *cough* I'll put together something fabulous and you'll get a preview before the con! WOO ~


Series: Hakuouki SSL ~Sweet School Life~
Character: Souji Okita (summer uniform)

Screenshot from http://www.otomate.jp/hakuoki/ssl/
Hey, schoolboy!Okita returns once more! :'D Again Hasakitsuki and Sairu-chan will join me as other characters from the series, w00p w00p! We decided SSL cosplays was the way to go because it's comfy and relaxed and then we don't have to worry about changing clothes when the con ends and we'll be sitting in a bus for the next coming 4+ hours back home.



Joel said...

GAKUPO *u* aa itekki halunnu cossaa häntä mut sä kyllä käyt gakupoon ku nenä päähän ! : )

Psycho Cat said...

Sound so much fun >w< but I will get grilled by a Rathalos, never told fully what cosplays i did at Harukacon this last weekend. And I am so sad I cant be there. It would be so much fun to be at skecon but I have work to do. T^T
Also it is going to be fun too see you Gakupo later on =D

Have fun =D

Valkoinen Samurai said...

You should write about Harukacon in your blog if you haven't done it yet! Aww don't be sad! It's too bad you can't come to Skecon but maybe next time? :D

Yeah thanks! I just have to check if I need to style/cut the wig and then I will do a preview before the con to see that the whole outfit looks good together and such. ^^