June 3, 2014

Desucon 2014 cosplay plans – A reluctant bodyguard and double Okita!


I've barely recovered from Cosvision's con hype lag (it lasted longer than usual, I still get the Cosvision feels! *flappy hands*) but very soon it's time for Desucon! I'm pretty set for what I will cosplay so here goes!


Series: Original
Character: Yukinaga Kuroyama

Eeyup, I will be heading to the con in an Original Character costume! I think this might be the first time I'm ever doing this; I'm pretty curious how it will turn out. Hasakitsuki will do a pair cosplay with me from the same OC story and yeah, it actually has a name Demon Idol. *badamtssh* 
She will cosplay the main character, who is the idol, and I'm cosplaying the idol's not-so-excited-about-his-job bodyguard. Oh, and there's no picture for you this time (I don't have time to draw one!) but I can tell you that Yukinaga has white hair, a horn on his head, pointy ears and is wearing *drumroll* kimono! You didn't see the last one coming, now did you?


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Souji Okita (bedridden yukata, anime version)

I don't know what to call this version or if it even has a proper/official name, sorry. But it's basically that pale violet yukata Okita is seen wearing in the anime especially often in the later episodes when his condition worsens. ;_;
If someone remembers I actually wore this same version once before at Desucon 2012 (my first Desucon! *nostalgic feels*) and since then I've meant to remake it... and that's done now. Hasakitsuki will help me around as Chizuru and I will be taking with me a black haori for comfort warmth. Kondou-san was here. ;A;


Series: Hakuouki SSL ~Sweet School Life~
Character: Souji Okita (summer uniform)

Screenshot from http://www.otomate.jp/hakuoki/ssl/
 Okita again, this time in a more modern format. Yep, I needed an easy "normal clothes" cosplay for Sunday so that I don't have to change out of it after the con when I have to run for the train back home. So yeah, school boy Okita will get his debut at Desucon!

That's about it, Desucon is calling soon! SOOOOON.

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Hasaki Tsuki said...

I AM SO HYPED oh my glehrb I get flappy hands from reading this post. 8D
I can't wait for the double Okita (eiku) and I'm really curious about how it'll feel to cosplay from our "Demon Idol"! [insert Aki blowing a kiss to Yukinaga] <3