May 30, 2014

Where are my Desucon tickets? A tale of panic and relief!

What's with the flashy title?
– Sit down and see, dudes and dudettes. I'll share my experiences.

You see, back when Desucon released their tickets I was a part of the ticket rush and I managed to elbow my way through and fetch two PDF-tickets. Now –with the con creeping close– I suddenly realized late a few nights ago that "hey dude, you haven't even received the tickets yet!" *booom* Stress. Panic. THE HORROR.

I immediately sent an email to Desucon and asked what was going on; I had paid and everything so why was there no tickets to be seen anywhere? I got an answer telling me to check my mail's trash bin in case the confirmation mail (feat. tickets) had been sent there by mistake and, if not that, to check my Desu profile on the con's website. I checked my trash mail inbox –nothing there– and then I logged in to the Desucon site and saw... the most horrible thing. You see, at the "payment situation" box it read cancelled. Motherfucking cancelled.

I immediately logged in to my bank and saw that yes, the money had been taken on the same day I ordered. I remember paying for the tickets instantly. Okay, so what was up? My cash was gone yipee but there were no Desucon tickets and my order was claimed to be cancelled. This didn't feel all that great. No, not at all.
I kept mailing back and forth with the Desucon sales support over the coming days and sent them a screenprint showing proof that I had paid from my bank.
Today I then got an answer that said that seemingly the problem was that because the payment was registered (or whatever it's called in English, "merkkaantunut maksetuksi" in Finnish)
on 22nd April in my bank and it had –for some reason– not been registered in Desucon's system and thus it said cancelled even though it had gone through on my bank. This contact person fixed it and sent me my printable PDF-tickets to my Desucon profile, YEEESSSS!

Phew, this feels like the biggest relief ever; for a moment I thought I was screwed for good! I had time to think all horrible possibilities – that I had accidentally, in all the rush chaos, paid to the wrong receiver or paid too late (I got told that if you didn't pay after a few hours of purchase it was automatically cancelled) and everything in between. But luckily it was just a system registration fart on their site. I am so relieved. I am 100% coming to Desucon now!

Oh, and before I leave I'll tell you guys that I've managed to get myself a sleeping place for the Desucon weekend, hell yeah! I'll be trolling over at a congoer's home who happens to live in Lahti and is going to Desucon as well. I don't think we have met IRL before but from what I've talked with her online she seems very nice. I'm thankful that she invited us over to her place over the con weekend! >w<

That's it, now to just continue working on my Desucon cosplays! Ciao ciao!


  1. Basically the same happened to me except that I realized it immediately and got the e-mailing and shit done pretty soon. Apparently a lot of people had this happen seeing the server was stuffed with people all the time.

    And btw, we got a cabin for the three of us, but only for the sat-sun night because expensive. But I'm sure as hell coming on Saturday and Sunday~

    1. Whoa, really? I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem and this person I got to talk with found it weird that this happened to me.. aka I got the impression it was a rarer sight. :/ But I dunno. *shrugs*

      Oh, good that! :D See you there! Friday is a pretty short day anyway, it's not that big of a loss.


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